Heston from Waitrose Mince Pies

Heston Blumenthal is such a crazy chef, he’s mental, he does things with food you wouldn’t think possible. This festive season he has worked his magic on mince pies and he doesn’t disappoint. The first culinary trick he pulls is making the mince pie a square! Yes that’s right straight away Heston challenges your very perception of a mince pie by giving it corners. Next he swaps the accepted norm of shortcrust pastry for puff. Is there no stopping the man? Puff pastry on a mince pie – BOOM.

As reccomended on the box I set to warming my mince pie up (warm is the best way to have a mince pie in my opinion) but what is this lurking in the box? It’s a little white sachet of pine sugar dusting – could Heston get anymore adventurous. I tear open the sachet and it is Christmas in powder form, the smell of the stuff is incredible, like Christmas trees, like Christmas decorations fresh fom the loft, like Father Christmas’ magic dust,  like kitchen cleaner, it’s Christmas cocaine. Just as i’m about to lose control and start snorting the stuff and rubbing it in my gums the oven timer beeps and the mince pies are ready.

Christmas Cocaine

I sprinkle the Christmas cocaine over the mince pies and dig in. The pastry is fine, flaky and crumbly but no better or worse than any other mass produced pastry. The mincemeat filling is delicious, the fruit is plump and tangy and definitely superior to your ususal mincemeat fayre. Then comes the pine sugar which adds another layer and really smacks Christmas spirit into you. Unfortunately the balance between pastry and mincemeat is what lets it down, there is far too much pastry and not enough mincemeat for it to be truly successful, but still it is a good effort from Heston.

Heston mince pies are well worth trying even if you just leave the mince pies and carry the pine sugar around with you to eradicate any scrooge like feelings.

Heston Mince Pies £3.29 for 6


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10 Responses to Heston from Waitrose Mince Pies

  1. Molly says:

    Wow.. They look so tasty! Fun blog. More
    Please!! )))

  2. Liz Beamish says:

    Oh my!! Mark i have literally been crying with laughter in work reading this…both myself and my husband love good food and so its a joy to read what someone truly thinks of “ready meals” – all be it celebrity fancy ones!!

    Liz x (was bell)

    • Thanks Liz – so pleased you have had time to read it and that you are enjoying it! Please spread the word so i can get more people reading. Hope everything is well with you and lovely to hear from you xx

  3. Villa Parade says:

    Love your blog almost as much as we loved Heston Mince Pies 😉

  4. Max Dowler says:

    Not going to get all legal and trademarky on Heston’s festive ass, but Mother D has been toying with the accepted pastry norms on the mince pie for YEARS… That said, even she’s never been crazy enough to make them square. That’s some radical pie.

    • I’d trust Mother D with a mince pie just as much as Heston. I have no problem with a puff pastry case as long as it isn’t to the detriment of filling quantity, if Mother D gets that right she has my blessing (none that she’d care if she got my blessing or not).

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