Jamie Oliver Crispy Salmon and Pollock Fishcakes

Jamie Oliver is ubiquitous to say the least, he is on the High Street, on Channel 4, on magazine racks, on the case of fat people and difficult young people, on non fiction best seller lists, on the case of politicians and now on the shelf of the frozen food section at a supermarket near you. Jamie has teamed up with Young’s Seafood to create a range of sustainable fish products to enjoy in your own home.

I opted for 4 crispy salmon and pollock fishcakes with a splash of lemon and a hint of parsley. The packaging informed me there were 2 portions in the box but when I tipped out the fishcakes I felt that was optimistic, they were on the small side; bigger than a ritz cracker but smaller than a hobnob. The instructions for a fan oven said cook from frozen at 190 C in the centre of the oven for 16 minutes and even with the warning “These are guidlines only…” I knew that 16 minutes was not going to cut it. However not being one to break the rules I set the timer and lo and behold they came out luke warm with a soggy case – back in they went. A full 12 minutes later they were ready that is an extra 75% cooking time.

Unfortunately the cooking process had not increased the fishcakes in size but at least they were crispy. They looked OK. I cut into one and it was a bit grey and mushy looking, I was not filled with confidence. It turned out I needn’t have worried it was good with a nice balance of potato to fish giving a good texture and letting the flavour of the fish come  through. I think in this case the splash of lemon was a very small splash and the advertised hint of parsley wasn’t evident to my clumsy palate which was a shame as they could have made the fishcakes a bit more interesting.

I think Jamie and Young’s Seafood partnership is a nice addition to the frozen fish section. It is not ground breaking, it is not life changing but at least it’s sustainable. I hope in the future they increase the portion sizes, adjust the cooking instructions and add some more parsley and lemon.

Jamie Oliver Crispy Salmon and Pollock Fishcakes. £1.99 for 4.


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