Heston from Waitrose Ras El Hanout Nut Mix

Heston more than any other chef has taken the idea of a food range and run with it, according to waitrose.com  he has 39 products, so when I run out of all other chefs to review Heston will be standing proud extending his range. I wasn’t planning to return to the world of Heston so soon as he has dominated this blog so far, however when I was treated to a bag of his nuts it would have been remiss not report back.

My knowledge of what ras el hanout should taste like is pretty limited. I know it is a Morrocan spice mix and I recently watched Valentine Warner rubbing it into a game bird on the BBC but beyond that I know nothing. The packet says “Spicy and fragrant, ras el hanout is the classic spice of North African cooking. It gives these nuts a lovely subtle, exotic flavour” so I prepare myself for something spicy, fragrant, subtle and exotic. I would disagree with subtle but go along with the other adjectives, in fact it is a rather complex flavour. It starts off quite fruity which is odd, but it quickly moves into a spicy hot flavour followed by the creaminess of the nuts, the first few I find just weird and Naomi looks unsure and my work colleague is not keen but I perservere and they start going down a treat.

A couple of hours later as I sit writing this with the packet next to me – I am won over, I love them. They smell like curry and they taste fantastic with a good mix of textures from the different nut varieties. If this is what ras el hanout tastes like i’ll have it again. Thank you Heston!

Just one more thing the ras el hanout nut mix comes with the following warning “Contains celery and nuts. May contain other nuts and peanuts”. I’ll be honest the celery came as a surprise to me so if you are allergic to it then perhaps avoid them, but I reckon even the most irresponsible nut allergy sufferer may have avoided a nut mix.

Heston from Waitrose Ras El Hanout Nut Mix £2.99 for 14og


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2 Responses to Heston from Waitrose Ras El Hanout Nut Mix

  1. Vicki Kelsall says:

    If this freaked you out to start with, try the curry popcorn, right now! It left me culinary-ily, psycologically and emotionally confused. I still have no idea if I like it, but I ate quite a bit.

    Also make Valentine’s ras el hanout partridge, they’re yum. I’ll lend you my ras el hanout which is purely for that purpose!

    Loving the blog dude!

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