Bryn Williams Shepherd’s Pie from Morrison’s M Kitchen

Following on from Pierre Koffman’s lacklustre performance in the ready meal market I returned to Morrison’s M Kitchen with some trepidation, this time to give Bryn Williams a crack at the whip.

Bryn Williams does not have anywhere near the accolades achieved by Pierre Koffman, he has no michelin stars and no french pedigree, he does however have a lovely neighbourhood restaurant in Primrose Hill called Odettes, Sharleen Spiteri for a girlfriend and the honour of winning the fish course on Great British Menu cooking turbot for the Queen’s 80th birthday; he should therefore be able to russel up a shepherd’s pie.

I slid the cottage pie out of it’s cardboard sleeve and onto a baking tray for 35-40 mins it came out looking golden and appealing – there was some brown crunchy stuff on top which added to the visual effect and also texturally to the dish, I presume they were breadcrumbs but I can’t be sure, whatever they were they didn’t taste of anything. The mash was creamy, flecked with herbs and a light texture – far better than Pierre’s attempt. The meat underneath was excellent, tender and full of flavour, it was obviously lamb mince which is a bonus as so often in these things the meat is a bland lump that could have come from any farmyard animal. The gravy the mince was cooked in had a deep rich flavour which I assume is attributed to the madeira, it was thick and well seasoned. I was really having a good time with this one. If I had one gripe it was that the ratio of potato to meat and gravy was out of balance being slightly too potato heavy, on closer inspection of the ingredients it was 44% potato to 23% lamb but that wasn’t so bad as the remaining 37% of stuff made up for it.

I would not normally buy a ready made shepherd’s pie as I make a decent one myself, however with a ready meal this good it isn’t worth making the extra effort.

Bryn Williams Shepherd’s Pie from Morrison’s M Kitchen £4.00 for 700g Serves 2


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9 Responses to Bryn Williams Shepherd’s Pie from Morrison’s M Kitchen

  1. rhian says:

    Was the lamb used British or New Zealand?

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  3. MoreFoodPlease says:

    the restaurant is in Primrose Hill not Notting Hill…

  4. richard says:

    omg it was vile! all you can taste is cheap plonk.

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