Aldo Zilli Pizza Calabrese from Morrison’s “M Kitchen”

Aldo Zilli has made a name for himself with his central London restaurant Zilli Fish – he specialises in seafood cooking so who better than him to create a meat pizza. The pizza was supposed to serve 2, and whilst i’m sure it could to people with a lesser appetite than myself, I did not struggle in eating the whole thing.

Cooking a pizza at home is never a recipe for success – at best the results are passable. To get a great pizza you need a roaring hot pizza oven to cook the base quickly and crisply and melt the top without burning and unless you have one at home you tend to fall short at one or the other.

The instructions said “place on the top oven shelf for 16-18 minutes”, being cautious I set the timer for 14 minutes and it came out overdone – nice one Aldo. The pizza looked much like any other home baked pizza just more burnt, but it is the tasting that counts not appearance and wow; this pizza tasted every bit as good as it looked, which as I said is much like any other home baked pizza. The base was bland and cardboardy – to give it context in the world of oven pizza it was better than a Dr Oetker but not as good as a pizza express. The tomato sauce was more an element of wet than a distinct taste – but a necessary element at that. There were a couple of high points though – the mozzarella was very good; creamy, delicious and with more flavour than your average supermarket mozzarella ball. The meat was good too with a spicy kick, not the all too common chewy disc, but unless I was being really stupid there was only one kind on there despite the box saying “salciccia salami and n’duja sausage”.  The trouble is there was not enough of the good toppings, just little islands of them floating about on an ocean of base leaving you feeling short changed.

My advice to Aldo – either improve your pizza base so it tastes ok on it’s own or double your toppings so we can ignore the base and enjoy meat and cheese!

Aldo Zilli Pizza Calabrese from Morrison’s M Kitchen – £4.40 serves 2 (unless you’re greedy)


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7 Responses to Aldo Zilli Pizza Calabrese from Morrison’s “M Kitchen”

  1. Kate says:

    Are there any other celeb pizzas? I like ones with jalapenos xx

  2. Small Pith says:

    My MiL bought me a clamshell pizza oven a couple of years back. Initially I was slightly miffed as I didn’t really want it and it was another thing to find a cupboard where it could clutter its life away.

    Had to use it once to be polite though, right?

    So 2 years on we permanently have pizza making ingredients in the fridge and can make 2 decidedly filling pizzas in about 90 minutes (approx 25 mins actual effort) with the base and sauce made fresh each time. Don’t like the toppings on commercial pizza? Well, here I can make my monster spicy n’duja laden beast and the wife can have her “wayyyyy too much pepperoni” (Unearthed Spicy Hungarian if you’re interested…) version. It is as close to perfect each time as possible.

    Link to Australian site for the oven in question:

    • Wow – that looks great – a bit like a UFO but great. I thought when reading your message it was going to be a huge thing but it looks quite compact too.

      There is a future in make at home pizzas after all!

      Many thanks for your message and for reading my blog.

      Best Wishes

  3. girlinpearls says:

    Maybe the n’duja sausage was mixed in with the tomato sauce or something? Isn’t it that soft sausage that just melts? My favourite so far Mark.

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