Antony Worral Thompson Vegetable Stock Cubes

Antony Worral Thompson, celebrity chef, bankrupt restaurateur and thief – he really is a man of many talents. I had seen Antony’s cooking equipment before (in fact I even have a bbq endorsed by him) but had not spotted a food range anywhere – but then on my weekly Sainsbury’s shop I saw some stock cubes and gravy granules with his face on them. It being the week he was caught pilfering from Tesco it felt like the right moment to give his wares a try and as I needed stock cubes, I could kill 2 birds with one stone.

The next challenge that arose was how do you really judge a stock cube? It is after all an ingredient rather than a finished product. But seeing as Antony had gone to all the trouble of creating a stock cube it would have been remiss of me to shirk from my tasting duties.

I had plans to make a sweet potato and chorizo soup and as the backbone to any good soup is the stock the time was nigh. To make sure I wasn’t fairly or unfairly judging Antony I decided to make 2 batches – one with Antony’s organic, yeast free, gluten free vegetable stock cubes, the other with Oxo.

I set about dividing the ingredients into 2 pans and whilst they were sweating down I made the stocks. Antony needs 1 cube for 500ml, Oxo needs 1 cube for 190ml so Antony is streets ahead in the concentration steaks. The Oxo cubes dissolved quickly and had a good dark colour, Antony’s on the other hand needed a lot of encouragement to break up and was much lighter – i’ve no idea if that is relevant, I’m just telling you what happened.

Anthony's in the blue, Oxo in the red.

The stocks went into their respective pans and 15 mins later the soup was ready to be blitzed. I whizzed up the 2 batches and they looked pretty similar, the stock colour having little effect on the final product, but it’s the tasting that counts…

Oxo on the left, Anthony on the right.

I tried Antony’s first, it was rich and the soup very thick, the spices coming through and good chorizo flavour, the stock did its job here. Now onto the Oxo batch, it was rich and the soup very thick, the spices coming through and good chorizo flavour, the stock did its job here.

Yes they were absolutely identical so I can deduce that Antony Worrall Thompson stock cubes are fit for purpose. You might as well buy them instead of oxo though as you need less of them to make more stock. Well done Antony!

Antony Worrall Thompson Vegetable Stock Cubes – £1 for 6


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12 Responses to Antony Worral Thompson Vegetable Stock Cubes

  1. MDowler says:

    This is a victory for science, as well as AWT.

  2. MDowler says:

    Although, on the front of the packet, does it really say ‘serving suggestion’? I’d be pretty miffed if AWT served me a stock cube with assorted crudites, as if it were some kind of hummous replacement. But maybe we’ve been using them ALL WRONG.

    • You are so right – I did actually have a caption under the photo saying check out the serving suggestion, but then I realised my photography was so bad you probably couldn’t see – i’m glad it did not go unnoticed!

  3. Jayne says:

    I think you should write to him and ask him for some free samples.

  4. Kate says:

    What did he steal? If it was oxo stock cubes….

  5. Chris says:

    Huh; interesting. I’ve previously been known to use Knorr’s stock cubes, but I can see that AWT’s cubes are… Well; fit for purpose.

    In other news; I have Le Creuset envy.

    • Ha ha! Thanks for reading – and also with the added bonus of being organic, gluten and yeast free, which is obviously top of the list of criteria for a stock cube. Ahhhh Le Creuset – it makes me look like I know what i’m doing in the kitchen I like to think.

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