Heston from Waitrose Duck and Sour Cherry Sausages

Here he is again – Heston with yet another product that I was sucked into buying, in the interests of blog writing, this time –  sausages. There was nothing particularly “crazy Heston” about them, no wacky flavour additions, no peculiar cooking techniques required, just 4 duck and sour cherry sausages in the familiar Heston packaging.

When I say no peculiar cooking techniques required it’s true, however my default setting for sausage cooking is slowly in a frying pan, yet the instructions on the packet reccomend grilling or oven baking. I went for the oven technique and in they went for 20 mins, when I took them out they looked grey, floppy and soggy like a boiled intestine –  not an attractive sight. Back in they went for another 5 mins taking the cooking time to the upper limit of the instructions, this time they had started to brown a little on one side but they still didn’t look like something you’d put in your mouth. I took matters into my own hands, cranked the oven up as hot as it would go and put them back in for another 10 minutes turning them intermittently, by this time I was too hungry to wait any longer and the mash was ready so I decided to eat them whatever stage they were in.

They were not too bad, not as brown and golden as i’d like, but not too horrid looking either so the gamble paid off. The sausage tasted good, there was no scrimping on meat content as you find in a cheaper sausage so i’m guessing that the majority of what I ate was duck meat rather than duck beak and wing cartilage. What I did not get any hint of was sour cherry, which is a shame as I like sour cherries. In fact I didn’t get much flavour other than meat which made the whole thing a bit one dimensional.

I like a good sausage as much as the next man but I also like it to taste of more than mashed up meat. A bit of fruit, a bit of herb, a bit of spice – all ways of elevating a sausage, and whilst Heston claimed to have tried to do that with his sour cherries he either forgot them in my batch or the recipe quantities need adjusting.

Overall if Heston changes the recipe and the cooking instructions he might end up with a superlative sausage, until then he is treading a line of mediocrity.

Heston from Waitrose Duck and Sour Cherry Sausages – 4 for £2.99


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