Gordon Ramsay Seriously Good Spicy Red Curry

Considering how long I have been writing this blog it is rather surprising there has not yet been mention of Gordon Ramsay. What is all the more surprising is that he doesn’t really endorse a food range. Pans – yes, electrical equipment – yes, spec savers, gin, royal doulton -yes, yes,yes the list goes on but his own food range – not really. However being the friendly, charitable fellow he is, he has put his face to a selection of sauces from which he earns no money but comic relief does.

So perusing the food aisles in search of my next product I stumbled across some of Gordon’s “Seriously Good” sauce and bought a jar of the spicy red curry. I opted for an Indian sauce over one of the Italian offerings in part at the request of the blog Chennai Challenge and in part because so far curry has been lacking from these pages.

Look at Gordon with a red nose - HILARIOUS!

I went to the “seriously good” website to get a bit more info on the full range and it turns out I picked the most generic variety of sauce you could imagine. There was Royal Korma, Aromatic Masala, Butter Chicken and then my choice – Spicy Red Curry. I think they kept the sauce name vague so they could make it taste of anything they like as long as it was red and spicy. They got it 50% right.

The instructions were pretty straight forward, fry 300g chicken for 5-6 minutes, then add the sauce and continue to cook for a further 15-20 mins. I made some rice to accompany it and served up.

The sauce had a deep red colour with curry leaves running through it – so authentic.  I plunged my fork in scooped up some rice, chicken and sauce and wow – what a disappointment. I can only deduce that Gordon Ramsay is to curry sauce what Loyd Grossman is to Italian sauces (see here). This stuff was poor, it was really sweet, the overriding taste was sugar, then there was a little chilli heat at the end and I mean a little. The jar has a picture of 3 chillis on it – in my experience a 3 chilli curry brings on sweats and a bout of incontrollable hiccups, in this curry it took me eating half the dish to find any heat at all. And they were the 2 flavours, sugar and a tiny bit of heat – that was it. The ingredients would have you believe there was tomatoes, coconut, green chillis, tamarind, garlic, ginger, mustard seeds, chilli powder, black pepper, fenugreek, cumin, oregano and of course sugar. If that is true Gordon could have saved himself a lot of time and effort and just kept the tomatoes, sugar and tiny bit of the chilli and be done.

I am going to score Gordon higher than Loyd because although the sauce was bland and crap it didn’t actually taste bad – it just tasted of very little.

Gordon Ramsay Seriously Good Spicy Red Curry Sauce – £2.09 for 350g (currently £1.39 in Sainsbury’s)


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4 Responses to Gordon Ramsay Seriously Good Spicy Red Curry

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  2. Isaac Jones says:

    how disappointing this is. i’ve just come back and read it a second time. i guess i’m not that surprised that “RED CURRY SAUCE” is generic in flavour as well as name…

    • So disappointing! Leave it well alone – unless of course you want to give some money to comic relief. But then you may as well just donate the money to comic relief and bypass the boring sauce.

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