Atul Kochhar Chicken Korma for Morrison’s M Kitchen

Atul Kochhar has a collection of Indian restaurants, I have been to Benares in Mayfair, it has a michelin star and does amazing value pre theatre dinners and lunch time deals.  Benares also managed to get naomiishungry to like celeriac and that is saying something. So to get some Atul grub in Morrison’s is an exciting prospect and after Gordon’s curry disgrace last week it is only fair that I give curry another chance.

I’ll be honest getting hold of Atul’s curry has been a bit of a mission – not least because I don’t live particularly close to a Morrison’s but because everytime I do go to one they never have any in stock. I have had a similar issue with this range  after a tip off from an old school friend about it’s existence, it has been a mission to try it ever since – but it is nowhere to be found, let me know if you find it.

I digress I am meant to be writing about Atul’s korma. Apart from the fact that it got spattered all over the box on the return journey from the supermarket Atul’s curry is one of the more attractive ready meals I have seen. The sauce has a nice golden colour and it is topped with toasted coconut and rose petals which does give it a hint of michelin glamour in ready meal packaging.

The packaging said “for best results microwave heat from chilled” and so it is, that for the first time (I think) on a blog with microwave in the title I decided to use the microwave. 2 mins 30 secs, a quick stir and another 2 mins, then a 1 minute stand. These instructions were perfect – it came out at just the right temperature and it didn’t have microwave crusty edges. I bought some tricolour rice to accompany it, I could have gone for pilau but I wasn’t sure what the point of tricolour rice was so I went for that. Again it was easy to cook 1 min 30 secs and then a one minute stand. I was convinced that wouldn’t be long enough and i’d be eating luke warm rice, get violent food posioning, spend the next week in hospital and curse the day I started this blog but it wasn’t so – the rice was hot and ready to eat (I should probably add that Atul doesn’t endorse the rice just the korma).

The korma was good, the sauce was luxurious and the chicken content generous. It was creamy but not so creamy it tasted more like yoghurt than curry and you could still taste the spice, it was subtle but present, which I guess is what people want from a korma. I can sometimes be a bit funny about nuts in curry, especially of coconut shavings as they have more than a hint of toenail about them – but here they worked really well adding crunch and flavour. I found the rose petals a bit pointless – they looked pretty pre cooking but once cooked they disappeared into the sauce and I didn’t notice their flavour once – probably a good thing. I still don’t know what the point of  tricolour rice is – it did look nice but in the end it just tasted of rice.

If you can find it give Atul’s korma a chance, on my quest to find it I noticed Morrison’s stocked 3 other kormas – I haven’t tried them but I suspect this one is the best.

Atul Kochhar Chicken Korma for Morrison’s M Kitchen £3.49 (non Atul rice £1.10)


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5 Responses to Atul Kochhar Chicken Korma for Morrison’s M Kitchen

  1. Isaac Jones says:

    HOORAH! a lovely looking korma – not my choice of curry, but as you say, it sounds like it delivers “what people want from a korma.”

    i might try this.

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