Levi Roots Hot Chilli Beef Pasty

Last time I tried a Levi Roots product I couldn’t believe how good it was. A chicken rice and peas ready meal – you couldn’t help but be a little dubious but it turned out to be a hit. However, I had given Levi the best chance of success trying a ready meal based on his speciality cuisine – not so this time. Of all the Levi Roots products I was not aware he had moved into pasties. It is a brave man who takes on the dirty British pasty but Levi appears to be that guy, creating what I suppose is a fusion dish – the Hot Chilli Beef Pasty.

Looking at the front of the packaging I was shocked to notice that nowhere did it mention the words “reggae reggae”, this can’t be right I thought – time for some deep investigative work, so I turned the packaing over… Phew there on the back “reggae reggae” featured no less than 8 times. To be fair most of those occurences were in the staggeringly long list of ingredients and one was in the reggae reggae website address (www.reggae-reggae.co.uk if you’re interested) but I was pleased to note the term hadn’t been neglected.

Anyhow pasty heating options were either 1 min 30 secs in a microwave or 15 mins in the oven. I wanted to give Levi the best chance of success so I stuck it in the oven – microwaved pastry is never a good thing.

Out it came glistening and golden sat on the oven tray. I cut the pasty open, it looked really good and when I tasted it – oh my word Levi has done it again! It is made using buttery puff pastry, the filling was made with minced beef, onion, peppers, potato, reggae reggae sauce and scotch bonnet peppers. The quantity of meat in the filling was generous and it was tender and delicious. The pasty comes with a three chilli warning and it did indeed have a big whack of heat, this was well balanced, it never overpowered so you still got that reggae reggae sweetness.

I was convinced I’d catch Levi out with this one but no, it is great, i’d buy it again. It was like a normal pasty but better. All the things that are good about a pasty were there with some nice extras too. I guess I’ll have to keep plodding through the range until I find something rubbish – IF ANYTHING IS! Nice one Levi, keep putting some music in your food.

Levi Roots Hot Chilli Beef Pasty – £1.39 from Tesco


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