Dallaglio Tricolore Pasta Sauce

Finding Dallaglio sauce on the supermarket shelf was one of the more peculiar celebrity food endorsements I’ve seen. I think when contemplating the range the thought process of the marketing team must have gone something like this:

Lawrence Dallaglio plays Rugby, he was born and grew up in London but he does have an Italian surname courtesy of his dad, therefore he must be able to cook and if he can cook he must be able to make a sauce and if he can make a sauce his face should be put on a jar to sell it. It is hard to refute such logic – Descartes watch your back.

After the Loyd Grossman Italian sauce failure I was not confident that a rugby player would be any better at providing dinner. In fact before I’d even eaten it I was preparing some rugby puns to shoe horn into this post. Things like the obvious “at least he ‘try’ed” to the more poetic “much like a rugby players ears, this sauce was a lumpy mess” but that would have been unfair of me – I need to remain objective.

I cooked some spaghetti then stirred through the Dallaglio Tricolore sauce. The first thing I noticed was just how thick the sauce was. I took that to be a good sign assuming that of the three tricolore flavours; tomato, mozzarella and basil that there was a good proportion of mozzarella to thicken it up. I checked on the back and mozzarella made up 6% of the sauce which doesn’t sound much so who knows what made it taste so thick.

This sauce was a real surprise, it was packed with lots of big flavour, it was very acidic which was weird but had basil punching through and sweet tomato underpinning it all. This sauce won’t be to everyones taste as it is far from subtle but I much prefer it to the watery blandness that usually comes glooping out of a jar.

I am fast learning that getting complex well balanced sauce in a jar is not likely to happen, however in the absence of that this bold, brash in your face sauce is the next best thing.

Dallaglio Tricolore Pasta Sauce – £1.99 for 300g


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