Heston from Waitrose Earl Grey and Mandarin Hot Cross Buns

Good old Heston, he doesn’t miss a trick, here we are at Easter and he has cleverly come up with some interesting hot cross buns. They are probably the most expensive hot cross buns you are likely to find in any supermarket coming in at £1.59 for 2. Today in Morrison’s I could have got 8 for £1 which gives some perspective. But if we’re going to celebrate Jesus coming back to life with sweet bread products let’s not quibble over price.

These hot cross buns look different than your usual fayre, they are taller like a muffin but with the diameter of a hot cross bun. So far so good – they are bigger than ususal so less of a rip off than I first thought.

Appearance aside they have a Heston twist with the addition of Earl Grey and given their name, one would assume mandarin, but this is nowhere to be found on the list of ingredients. This is surely a misleading title when one of the headline ingredients is absent! For a full list of ingredients check here, the closest I can see to mandarin is some concentrated orange juice but I reckon that is quite a stretch. There is, however, a good selection of different raisins and some sultanas so I was still in for a fruity time.

I cut the hot cross bun in half, toasted it and slathered it in butter. I got no hint of Earl Grey, which is a bit of a let down owing to the fact that is the other headline ingredient. I’m all for subtlety of flavour but I’m less keen on absence of flavour and on the Earl Grey stakes this fell short. I will say that there was some big fruit in there – if I hadn’t read the ingredients I would have assumed it was a mandarin segment but I know better than that so it must have been an oversized sultana and very nice it was too. However overall these Heston hot cross buns were no better or worse than any others – they just tasted of hot cross bun, so if I were you I’d save your money and buy the cheaper ones.

Heston from Waitrose Earl Grey and Mandarin Hot Cross Buns 2 for £1.59


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5 Responses to Heston from Waitrose Earl Grey and Mandarin Hot Cross Buns

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  2. Catherine Gilbert says:

    Heavens, I could not disagree more – I had to start avoiding the section with these in because they were, pretty much, all I was eating, otherwise. I wasn’t toasting them, and no butter, and they were absolutely glorious; plump, squashy fruit and lovely bouncy bun.

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