Jamie Oliver Hearty Winter Salad

Over the time I have been writing this blog I have noticed that celebrity endorsed food stuffs tend to fall into 2 camps.

Camp 1: Some food production company develops a product and in order to sell more of that product they slap the face of a celebrity/celebrity chef on the front and the celebrities involvement has no direct impact on the quality of the food but it helps to sell it. I think Laurence Dallaglio sauce is the perfect example of this one.

Camp 2: A celebrity/celebrity chef  actually helps to develop a product which in turn helps to sell more of that product. In camp 2 they have had some input into its creation which has made the product as good as or better than it would have been otherwise. Heston from Waitrose range falls into this camp.

With all that said I cannot think of a more ridiculous celebrity product than a bag of salad leaves Jamie Oliver has claimed to play a part in. I mean seriously a bag of leaves. How on earth can that have ever been helped by Jamie? This is the clearest example of camp 1 that I ever saw and thus ripe for a blogging. But stop press, there is a little sachet of “spiced, sweet beetroot dressing” in amongst the leaves, so perhaps Jamie has put hours of toil in all along.

And so onto the eating, I tipped the leaves into a bowl, dribbled out the beetroot dressing tossed it all about and dug in. Surprisingly enough the salad leaves tasted of salad leaves; you know crunchy and leafy and the like. The sauce on the other hand was another story, it didn’t taste quite like you’d hope, it tasted of sugar and sweet and gloop, it certainly didn’t taste of beetroot and certainly didn’t taste spiced.

So there’s Jamie Oliver’s Hearty Winter Salad for you. I’d buy this if it was cheaper than the other bags of salad that you were looking at. I would not buy it because Jamie Oliver was on the bag and I certainly wouldn’t buy it because of the dressing. In the end a bag of salad is a bag of salad, perfect and lovely but no better for a celebrity branding.

Jamie Oliver Hearty Winter Salad – £1 for 100g

8/10 for the salad (can’t go wrong)

3/10 for the dressing (can go very wrong)

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