Celebrity Endorsed Feast – Gregg Wallace Wedges, Jamie Oliver Fish Fillet Fingers and Veg

I recently moved house, a new house means a new local supermarket, which in turn means a myriad of new products to find and try. Peckham Rye Morrison’s provided quite a haul which lead to a meal entirely made up of celebrity products. I had some Gregg Wallace spanish style (whatever that means) potato wedges, which had a brilliant photo of Gregg on the front worthy a few blog points in itself. With the wedges I had some Jamie Oliver “Brilliant Fish Fingers” and also from the same range as last weeks debacle some Jamie Oliver Buttery Gem Lettuce and Petit Pois.

The wedges are coated in a smoked paprika dressing and they look appetising even before they are cooked. I tipped them into a baking tray and they cooked for 50mins. Next in, fish fingers; Jamie helpfully tells me “My fish fingers are best grilled straight from your freezer.” unfortunately Gregg’s wedges were in the oven which ruled out use of the grill. I had to accept I would not have them at their best and instead put them in the centre of the oven and baked for 12 minutes. The last thing to cook was  Jamie’s lettuce and peas combo. The only option to cook these was the microwave and despite running a blog called “michelin microwave” I no longer own a microwave so I had to improvise with the final element. I put them in a sieve used as a make shift steamer and 2 mins later I was ready to go.

So laid before me was a celebrity inspired feast Jamie Oliver fish fingers, Gregg Wallace wedges and Jamie Oliver lettuce and petit pois with a chilli butter. It is hard to imagine what input Jamie had in putting some lettuce and peas in a tub, but the tiny blob of butter containing chilli and mint was all his work. The lettuce and mint was surprisingly delicious with the melted butter, sweet, spicy and buttery a lovely accompaniment. The “brilliant” fish fingers had a soggy breadcrumb exterior and had started to split with the fish bursting out – but then I had been warned they wouldn’t be at their best. It is a long, long time since I had some fish fingers and I won’t leave it so long again, they were great in spite of the sog. The fish was tasty and moist and made using MSC certified Pollack so a bonus there. They haven’t redefined fish fingers, but they have ensured I will buy them again. And finally onto the star of the meal a Gregg Wallace wedge! They were truly delicious, they cooked perfectly in the time specified they, were crispy and golden on the outside and steaming and fluffy in the centre. The dressing had just the right amount of oil so there was no hint of grease and the balance of paprika was perfect, not overpowering and not too much of it. The wedges slotted in wonderfully with the meal and are a real find. Thank you Morrison’s Peckham Rye, and thank you Gregg Wallace.

If you happen to be in a supermarket and find this same collection of products I suggest you go for it, fish fingers, wedges and veg a culinary delight!

Jamie Oliver Brilliant Fish Fillet Fingers £1.15 for 10 at Morrison’s (currently half price)


Jamie Oliver Lettuce and Petit Pois with Chilli and Mint Butter £1 for 135g


Gregg Wallace Spanish Style Potato Wedges 80p for 500g


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5 Responses to Celebrity Endorsed Feast – Gregg Wallace Wedges, Jamie Oliver Fish Fillet Fingers and Veg

  1. ginjointjen says:

    I’ve had a wedge craving ever since I espied this…I am SO hitting up Morrison’s today…

  2. Kate says:

    Those wedges do look very nice. Do you want a microwave for your birthday?

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