Atul Kochhar North Indian Paneer and Vegetable Curry for Morrison’s M Kitchen

If you accused me of being dismissive of vegetarian food, your accusation would not be misplaced, however when I do succumb it is usually for Indian cuisine. Morrison’s recently launched a whole range of vegetarian meals and as a couple of them are Indian and as one of the Indian ones was created by Atul Kochhar and because his korma was so good it would have been remiss not to partake.

The curry comes in a plastic tray with pilau rice on one side and the curry on the other, there is no work involved except for lid piercing and a bit of stirring, just in the oven for 25 – 30 mins and it is done.

It did not look like the most attractive thing when it came out of the oven. It was the sort of thing you would come up with if you had hardly anything left in the cupboard and decided to create something with what was left. It looked fairly healthy though with lots of chunky veg, the most obvious being green beans and peas and a solitary lump of cauliflower, it was all coated in a thick dark brown sauce. It smelt like this banana medicine I used to have as a child which confused me somewhat, but that didn’t put me off as the medicine tasted great. The rice was golden and flecked with coriander and looked pretty good to me.

The first mouthful was quite disappointing, the sauce tasted like one of those curry pastes from a jar, it was dry and grainy, but worst of all it didn’t taste of much, not even banana medicine. I went in for another forkful scooping up some paneer, the paneer added a rubbery texture but no discernable flavour. Forkful number 3, this time I got some green beans and the cauliflower lump but still no flavour, what a let down.

So I’m afraid I cannot reccomend it, not because it is vegetarian but because it is boring and bland. I was getting rather fond of Morrison’s and it’s splendid ready meals but it took a step back here – back to the drawing board Atul and make your vegetable dish as good as your chicken korma and then we’ll all be happy.

Atul Kochhar North Indian Paneer and Vegetbale Curry for M Kitchen £2.49 for 400g


PS If you do want a good Morrison’s veggie treat try the bean and nacho burgers – they’re great!

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2 Responses to Atul Kochhar North Indian Paneer and Vegetable Curry for Morrison’s M Kitchen

  1. Irene Biggs says:

    i really enjoyed this product i will now look for more atul kochhar products and recipes .i make my own curry all the time and im always looking to improve them.lovely sauce and veg not mushy.

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