Pertwood Wheat Free Organic Muesli (Raymond Blanc)

This weeks blog is slightly different in that it has Raymond Blanc’s name and face plastered all over the box, but in reality he didn’t have anything to do with it. Raymond is merely there to endorse the company and the muesli and he does so with the following words of wisdom “I am passionate about the quality of food I eat and prepare for myself and my guests, that’s why I am delighted to support this range of delicious cereals from Pertwood. 100% organic, farmed in a sustainable way and the taste and texture is simply sensational. Bon Apetit!”. Fair enough I say, nice one Raymond supporting this company that appears to be doing the right thing in terms of quality and sustainability. Time to find out a bit more about how “delicious” and “sensational” it really is.

I poured some into the bowl and was impressed by how much fruit came tumbling out, there’s nothing worse than a bowl of muesli that is essentialy dust and oats (see Alpen for a good example of this). I splashed the milk on top and dug in. The fruit sighting was not deceptive there really was a good helping of the stuff. Looking back at the box I see there was apricot in there, I didn’t notice that at the time and thought it was sultanas all the way, but I don’t imagine a company endorsed by Raymond Blanc would lie about such a thing.

Once the chewy fruitiness subsided I started to taste the oats and seeds and other healthy miscellany that was scattered about. I like the taste of oats so that was ok but the seeds and rye and barley and whatever else was involved brought in a rather bitter taste coupled with a powdery texture which was far less appealing. The whole thing lacked much needed sweetness. It’s not that I am addicted to sugary cereals (though I do love a sugar puff as much as the next man) but this went too far the other way, it became anti-sweet if there is such a thing. I was beginning to doubt Raymond’s much lauded palate – sensational it was not.

I can’t see myself buying this again, but I’ll finish the box so as not to be wasteful, I think Pertwoods and Raymond would appreciate that.

Pertwood Organic Cereal £2.49 for 650g


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