Gino D’Acampo Italian Pepperoni Pizza

I’ve been working in Suffolk for the past few weeks and the local supermarket was a co-op; big co-ops are rare in London so it was a treat to see what lay behind its doors. My first couple of trips were disappointing as I found no celebrity products at all, but then just as my time in Suffolk was drawing to a close I spied Gino staring out at me from the chiller cabinet, and what is better the pizza was on an introductory offer of just £2 – deal done!

The packaging is attractive black with a big “G” curving around it and inside the G a cut away of the box allowing a glimpse of the pizza and Gino’s smiling face. The packaging suggests classy but relaxed with a hint of “Gino takes food seriously” which is slightly at odds with this tv moment. So it appears when Gino isn’t killing rats in the jungle or taking his clothes off on telly or stealing guitars from Paul Young (true – he served 2 years in prison) he is creating a food range.

The pizza comes from a Neapolitan range, but having had a quick google I can’t find out anymore about it and as the only product co-op had was this pepperoni pizza, I am not sure how extensive a range it is, but hey onto the tasting.

The packaging said the pizza would take 6-8 mins at 200c. I scoffed when I read this, as if the pepperoni delight would be ready in 6 minutes, especially taking into account the none fan 1970s tricity tiara oven I had at my disposal. Anyhow in it went and to my delight 6 minutes later it was verging on ready (go tricity tiara) at 8 mins it was perfect!

The generosity of pepperoni was a treat, there was plenty of it, no meat wasteland that is often the norm with a pre-made pizza. What was more the pepperoni was delicious, it was soft and spicy, none of that chewy shoe leather disc I’ve come to expect – bravo Gino. However the pepperoni was where the high points ended, the base was not so good, it was dry and claggy and a touch too thick. There was a desperate lack of cheese and the “Italian Tomato and Genovese Basil sauce” appeared not to have any basil in it and was also in short supply. All this meant that the pizza was unbalanced; lots of meat, claggy base and not enough cheese or tomato sauce meant it fell short.

Gino D’Acampo Italian Pepperoni Pizza £2


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2 Responses to Gino D’Acampo Italian Pepperoni Pizza

  1. MDowler says:

    That was all going so well. Then the base. What’s the highest rated product so far John, is it still Levi?

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