Ainsley Harriott East Indian Mulligatawnay Cup Soup

I have previosuly documented my love of Ainsley here and being a fan it seemed only right that I should return to his range and sample some ‘cup soup’.

Ainsley’s products are largely dried things in a packet, cous cous, ‘cup soup’, croutons and the like, even his sauces don’t come in a jar, once again they are dried powder awaiting hydration. This makes me suspicious that Ainsley has actually had anything to do with the creation of the products, I just can’t picture him sat at home slaving over the levels of ‘Dipotassium Phosphate’ and Trisodium Citrate’ that are going into his soup, but then I could be wrong.

I tipped a sachet into the mug, added 200ml of boiling water, gave a good stir and left to stand for a minute before trying. Now it may surprise you to know that I am not a regular consumer of soup in a mug and my memory of it is of mouth burning salty water with unidentifiable shapes bobbing about in it. Ainsley’s concoction is far from watery, it is thick and gloopy, like it has pretentions towards being a real soup, but it does tick the salty with unidentifiable shapes box. The soup is spicy and not powdery with an ok flavour, but the overwhelming taste is salt, it has 1.38g  of the stuff which is just under a quarter of an adults daily intake. The unidentifiable shapes remain unidentifiable and beyond spicy and salty there was no other discernable flavour. A quick scan over the ingredients reveals that carrot makes up 2.5%  and tomato 1.5% meaning the remaining 96% of the soup is made up of  things like potato starch, maltodextrin, glucose syrup and milk protein but crucially it does not contain “Artificial flavours, colours, preservatives” just a load of stuff you would never put in a soup if you were making one yourself.

Ainsley Harriott East Indian Mulligatawnay Cup Soup £1 for 4 sachets


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