Thomasina Miers Fiery Habanero Chile Sauce

The title of this blog post is a lie. The fiery habanero sauce is actually a Wahaca sauce which is created by Thomasina Miers, but as her face is on the bottle I feel like it qualifies for a place on this blog.

Thomasina Miers won Masterchef a few years back and after a couple of cook books and a telly series or two she opened up Wahaca. I have always found it slightly odd that someone with so much cooking talent  opened a restaurant that focuses on cardboard cuisine or as Wahaca calls it “Mexican Street Food”. Mexican food  has been on the rise in the past few years and I think Wahaca set the ball in motion and good for Wahaca I say. As far as cardboard cuisine is concerned Wahaca is the best of the high street options*. If you haven’t been to Wahaca you should, it is cheap and you get a pack of chilli seeds to take home with you.

The bottle said it could ‘liven up a jacket potato’ or ‘be used as a marinade’. I decided to go down the marinade route and as I had some sausages needing eating I coated them with the sauce and left them for an hour or so before cooking in the oven for 40mins. The sauce was thinner than I imagined, somewhere between Worcestershire sauce and tomato ketchup. It was a lovely golden colour, like a homemade korma and flecked with little bits of red (chilli? pepper?). As it was cooking it smelt delicious and when they were served up they looked pretty appetising too.

The overriding sensation of this sauce was  ‘hot’, not stupidly hot, but hot nonetheless. It was more complex than just ‘hot’ though, there was a fruity tang to it with other layers of flavour that my palate is not refined enough to pin down – it was really good. The success of this meal was due to it’s simplicity; it is quite possible that I had tried this sauce (or a version of it) in Wahaca but there it would have been competing with a load of other Mexican flavours, here coupled with a simple sausage and mash it was able to sing.

Thomasina Miers Fiery Habanero Chile Sauce 150ml £1.99


*It might not actually be the best but the other places I’ve tried have been rubbish.

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