Levi Roots Pepper Pot Chicken and Jerk Chicken Wings and Sunshine Rice

Levi Roots has been a surpise hit for me on this blog. His reggae reggae pasty and reggae reggae chicken rice and peas were both impressive, so when Sainsbury’s had a reggae reggae offer on I thought I’d seize the day and see if Levi could continue his good run.

The packaging as ever is great; bright colours with a silhouetted Levi  and a photo of the plated meal. It is simple yet appealing. I bought some Jerk Wings with Sunshine Rice and a Pepper Pot Chicken (I also bought some Hot Chilli Beef, but haven’t had that yet). They both took 25-30 mins in the oven and they both had a medium 2 chilli rating.

First up I tried the Pepper Pot Chicken, there was a generous amount of meat, mixed in with chunks of sweet potato. The sauce was a dark red colour and had some straggles (yes you read it correctly – straggles) of cheese melted in the top, it looked like the kind of meal you’d make as a student with whatever you had left in the cupboard.

Appearences aside it was time for a tasting, and I am sad to report that Levi’s glory days are over. Pepper Pot Chicken was not nice, it was sugary sweet and gloopy. It had no depth of flavour at all, it was sweetness all the way and a cloying sweetness at that. I cannot imagine where the 2 chilli rating came from as there was no discernable heat at all. It was nice to have some sweet potato though and that’s about as far as my positivity will reach.

The Jerk Wings were slightly better, they were again guilty of unnecessary sweetness but at least there was a bit of spice coming through. Once more the 2 chilli rating is bewildering, I can’t imagine it registering at all on the scoville scale and I can’t imagine buying the wings again. The rice was good, it had nice texture and a good flavour to boot, but alas it was not enough to save the dish.

My first unpleasant encounter with Levi has taken me by surprise. I have been waiting for one of his dishes to fall short, but I wasn’t expecting anything this bad. I am beginning to doubt my other reggae reggae experiences now. I gave my first one a 9, the highest rating yet achieved on this blog. Was I feeling particularly generous that day or is Levi on the decline? I guess I’ll have to eat the Hot Chilli Beef before I decide!

Levi’s Pepper Pot Chicken £3.40 for 450g or 4 Reggae Reggae meals for £10 in Sainsbury’s


Levi’s Jerk Chicken Wings £3.40 for 450g or 4 Reggae Reggae meals for £10 in Sainsbury’s


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