Harry Hill – Salted Cashews

Writing a blog about celebrity endorsed food products is fine, but it means that whenever I see a packet of food with a celeb face on it I have to buy it. It doesn’t matter how crap a product it appears to be or how gross I think it will taste, it goes in the trolley. Somtimes I make life difficult for myself; this week for instance I bought a bag of Harry’s Nuts, because Harry Hill was on the front. This worried me somewhat because a bag of nuts tends to taste like a bag of nuts regardless of the name/brand/celebrity involved so I did not think  I would have much to say. It turns out I was correct, but I bought them so I am flipping well going to blog about them too.

Harry Hill used to be a doctor, realised he was funny, became a comedian and eventually ended up with Harry Hill’s TV Burp before branching into the nut market. I am sure there is far more to his career than the potted version I have provided, but you get the picture. I watch TV Burp and tend to think to myself – this isn’t funny, yet in spite of myself I laugh a lot, he’s very clever like that, probably because he’s a doctor.

Harry’s Nuts! As they are cleverly called, come in two varieties: peanuts and cashews. I went for cashews as they are more interesting than peanuts and they cost the same (thrifty). The nuts are produced under the fair trade label and Harry lends his name and face to the packaging but makes no money from it – a noble endeavour.

The packet boldly claims that they “choose the tastiest nuts” so these nuts really should be good. I tip them into a little ramekin (only so they look prettier in the picture I took) and dig in. I try one and would you believe it, they taste exactly like salted cashews. If you can think back to the last time you had a salted cashew then you are probably imagining a flavour very like what I experienced. Bravo Harry you managed to create some nuts that taste just like nuts.

If you’re going to buy some salted cashews and you want them to taste like salted cashews you may as well buy these salted cashews as they are fair trade and that is good and proper. Thanks Harry.

Harry’s Nuts – Salted Cashews – £1.53 fo 90g

9/10 (but this really depends on how much you like salted cashews)

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