Jamie Oliver Crispy Pollock Fishcakes

I have blogged on these pages once before about Jamie Oliver fishcakes, they were pollock and salmon ones as opposed to these cheesy beasts. Before I started writing this I read it again to make sure I didn’t contradict myself and also to jog my memory. It wasn’t the best blog post I’ve ever written but it reminded me that Jamie was guilty of billing ingredients that weren’t there.

Today’s fishcake was described as having ‘oozy cheddar’ and ‘juicy sweetcorn’, this was simply untrue. Let it be known that Jamie Oliver is a liar. I cut open my fishcake and it did not ooze in the least. There was not even a glimmer of ooze going on. I won’t deny that there was some melted cheddar on the inside of this little fishy parcel, but it failed to ooze. The “juicy sweetcorn” wasn’t juicy at all, it was crunchy. I liked the sweetcorn, it tasted nice, but it was crunchy and definitely not juicy.  If the fishcakes were billed as ‘pollock fishcakes with Cheddar inside that does not ooze and crunchy sweetcorn’ I think this post would have turned out differently.

In my previous fishcake blog I complained about portion size and inaccurate cooking times. I think Jamie might have paid some attention to it as the cooking time is now a very accurate 22 mins. However they are still very small and claiming the packet contains 2 portions is yet more proof that Jamie Oliver is a liar. I had just one for my lunch and now I am hungry and will remain so for the rest of the day.

So how did it taste? Well pretty good actually the pollock came through strongly and wasn’t too bulked out with potato, the breadcrumb casing was golden and crunchy and the melted cheese made it a textural treat. It is a great idea to use the plentiful pollock instead of overfished cod – especially in a fishcake when the fish is mashed up anyway and the meatier texture of cod becomes redundant.

In conclusion Jamie has moved on from billing ingredients that are not there, to describing the ones that are inaccurately. The flavour is good and I may even try them again. In a sustainability sense they tick the box. But one thing we know for sure – Jamie Oliver is a liar.

Jamie Oliver Crispy Pollock Fishcakes £1.99 for 2


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2 Responses to Jamie Oliver Crispy Pollock Fishcakes

  1. Keep critiquing and maybe eventually he’ll realise the error of his ways! Your blogs do make me laugh, I wish I could be as witty and dry.

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