Paul Rankin Irish Potato Farls

I’ve had a tricky relationship with Paul Rankin on this blog. The first time I got confused about what I was actually writing about. The second time I wrote about his sausages which were not good at all.

I think now is the time to wipe the slate clean and for me and Paul to start again and what better way to start than with a potato farl. I didn’t even know what a potato farl was, still don’t really, but what I basically got was a potato cake.

The packet says “great toasted with butter or fried as part of a hearty cooked beakfast”. When I got round to eating the farl it was pretty much the only thing left in the house. This meant I had no choice but to toast it and eat with butter, all elements of a hearty breakfast being unobtainable it being 1 in the morning following the olympic opening ceremony.

I put a couple in the toaster and smothered them in butter. They tasted like potato flavoured, undercooked bread. This makes them sound unappetising which is slightly unfair because they weren’t, they were fine. I wouldn’t be in any rush to eat them again made like this and they pose no threat to the future of toast, but I reckon as part of a dirty fry up they would be perfect.

The farls have a good potato flavour which may seem obvious, but lots of potato things don’t taste of potato e.g most chips, walkers crisps and, I imagine, those McCain microwave jacket potatoes – I haven’t tried them so can’t guarantee it, but I’m willing to hedge my bets.

The texture is fascinating, part bread, part mash, but well formed enough to go in the toaster. Served on their own with butter they are just that bit too bland to get excited about, but I reckon sat next to some bacon, soaking up some bean juice they could give any self respecting slice of fried bread a run for its money.

I think me and Paul are working through our difficulties and these farls could be the first step on our future together, as long as he keeps off the sausages we’ll be OK.

Paul Rankin Irish Potato Farls £1 for 4


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3 Responses to Paul Rankin Irish Potato Farls

  1. Fred McEvoy says:

    Where may I purchase RANKIN Irish Farls in the Detroit or Dearborn, Michigan (USA) area?

  2. Fred McEvoy says:

    HELP! My mother and father were both born in Ireland and, as a special Sunday treat, mom would always make potato farls with the left-over mashed potatoes from Saturday night’s supper! Now closed, there was a .local specialty store where I could buy them, but not since. I’m trying to find-out WHERE I can purchase Paul Rankin’s Irish potato farls in the Detroit / Dearborn, Michigan (USA) area! Can you help me…can you supply a contact E-mail address for his company,
    Many thanks
    Fred McEvoy

    • Hi Fred,

      Thanks for your message and apologies I didn’t get back to your previous one. In truth I am not going to be much use to you. I am from the UK and Paul Rankin products are easily accessible here in the supermarkets but I doubt they are sold in the US. They are produced via a company called Irwins and you can see their contact details on this page if you get in touch they may be able to ship some farls out to you!

      Good luck!

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