Loyd Grossman Thai Red Curry Sauce

A lot of time has passed since my first Loyd Grossman post and to be honest it has taken me this long to recover. In the intervening months I have had chance to thoroughly reasearch (wikipedia) why Loyd is a suitable person to be selling us sauce, the answer – he isn’t. Loyd studied at The London School of Economics, sang with a punk band, wangled a couple of restaurant critic gigs and then ended up presenting Through the Keyhole and Masterchef. Whilst being a glowing example of a “portfolio career” it does not a sauce maker make.

All that being said and putting the misery of the tomato and chilli disaster behind me, I took the bold step to test Loyd on his ability with Thai. I unscrewed the lid and a spicy enticing waft burst forth, it smelt just like Thai curry, or at least Thai curry from a UK street food stall, I’ve never had the pleasure of Thai curry in Thailand.

I poured the sauce over the browned chicken meat and as it heated through the oil split out giving it the look of a real take away curry. Things were going well so far. It was ready in about 20 mins, and I piled it out onto some basmati rice.

The sauce was creamy from the coconut milk with a hint of chilli. It was billed as medium hot which was an ambitious interpretation, I’m no heat fiend but this sauce was definitely mild. Thai curries as I know them are ususally made up of a creamy, spicy broth, this sauce was thick and gloopy, but the flavour was good. Inevitably a sauce in a jar that lasts for months on end is not going to have the freshness you’d associate with a Thai curry, but all that being said this wasn’t half bad.

The moral of the story is: If you want a decent Thai curry at home, you should make one yourself. However if time is short, or you can’t be bothered buying all the ingredients, then Loyd Grossman doesn’t do a bad job!

Loyd Grossman Thai Red Curry Sauce £1.99 for 350g Jar


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