Aldo Zilli Puttanesca from Morrison’s

I had a day off work. I had not planned my lunch for this day off. Then it dawned on me, I would have to bite the bullet. The awful day had arrived when I had to unscrew the lid to the jar of Aldo Zilli Puttanesca that had been sitting, waiting for it’s moment of glory in my cupboard. I bought the jar a few weeks ago because it was a new celebrity product and in the name of blog writing and for you dear reader I vowed to take one for the team.

Peering through the jar at the red, oily, olive flavoured mush on the other side filled me with dread. My dread is based on two things, my previous form with Italian sauces in a jar and my dislike of olives. I don’t mind a hint of olive here and there, but for my entire lunch on my precious day off to taste of the stuff is a bitter pill to swallow.

I’m not one to shirk my responsibilities however and I bravely set about preparing lunch. The jar says “The Perfect Partnership The twirling shape of Chitarra pasta is perfect for picking up every last drop of this rich and flavoursome tomato and olive Puttanesca sauce.“. Now I didn’t even know what Chitarra pasta was, let alone have any in the cupboard. I did a quick google and it turns out Morrison’s are getting a bit pretentious as Chitarra is basically spaghetti, which I did have. Lucky me I’d be able to pick up “every last drop” of sauce after all.

I cooked the spaghetti, heated through the sauce and tossed it into a bowl – the big moment had arrived. I twizzled it round the fork and stuck it in my gob. This sauce was pretty bad, but not so much in the way I dreaded, but in a way that would disappoint an olive lover, for it didn’t taste of olive at all. It is strange that this was the case as there were chunks of olive bobbing about. In fact, short of a hint of anchovy, the sauce was lacking in any sort of flavour at all. It was made up of 69% chopped tomatoes and 9.9% tomato puree but even a 78.9% tomato contingent could not muster any tomato flavour. The overriding  taste was bitterness, it was like eating ear wax sauce which I wouldn’t reccommend to anyone. So a waft of anchovy, a whack of bitter and a whole heap of bland come together to make this a sauce of awfulness. Enjoy!

Aldo Zilli Puttanesca from Morrison’s 350g


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