Levi Roots Cracked Black Pepper Beef Stonebaked Pizza

Me and Levi have had an interesting journey on this blog, together we have reached dizzy heights and shocking lows. So when a new Reggae Reggae product hits the shelves, (which is roughly once every 7.6 hours) I have no clue whether I should expect genius or disaster. I love the danger of the unknown, far better than a reliance on mediocrity.

I long ago stopped worrying about the fact that Levi was covering every possible cuisine with his Caribbean fusion and learnt to embrace each product on its own merits.  The move into pizzas is, I suppose, a logical step after rasta pasta hit the shelves. There were two flavours on offer: cracked black pepper beef which I went for and also a jerk chicken one.

The packaging is the usual bright colours and Levi silhouette. The packaging should win an award for “best food branding” if such a thing should exist. It has become an iconic brand following the likes of Starbucks and Apple and er… Greggs.

The pizza takes 8-10 mins in the oven, I checked it after 8 and it looked OK but I gave it the extra 2 just to be sure. I didn’t want soggy base syndrome and it was worth the risk of a slightly overdone topping to avoid it. After 10 mins it looked splendid.

I am happy to report that this was another Levi success! It looked appetising and was infused with the flavours of a Caribbean Island just off the Amalfi Coast. The magic of the Reggae Reggae sauce was in full swing; there was spicy heat, sweetness, a whack of thyme and punching its way through that lot was a hit of cinnamon. The peppers had a lovely crunch to them and the beef a good peppery kick.

The downside was the base which lacked freshness, it had that fake “I’ve had preservatives pumped into me so I’ll last forever” taste to it, rather than a “I’ve just been kneaded and spun round by a pizza maestro” taste.

I was quite surprised it had a mild heat rating as it had its spicy moments. Those moments were good don’t get me wrong, but I think it would definitely be at home in a medium category.

Levi’s pizza topping is like a better version of a Pizza Express Sloppy Giuseppe. It is also bigger and cheaper than one. If only Levi could work on his base, or pinch the Pizza Express one and put his topping on it, then we’d be in cheap, ready made, cook at home pizza heaven.

Cracked Black Pepper Beef Stonebaked Pizza 400g £2.61


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