Jamie Oliver Wild Sage, Red Onion and Chestnut Stuffing

I bought this pouch of Jamie stuffing a couple of months ago to accompany some roast pork, I forgot all about it and then last weekend I was having a roast chicken and Jamie’s stuffing moment arrived.

In the past couple of years Jamie seems to have focussed on making meals in the fastest possible time. Last year it was 30 minute meals, (I don’t know anyone who managed to achieve one in that time) this year it is 15 minute meals (I almost achieved one in that time but it had hard potato) I look forward to next years 7.5 minute meals which will probably involve eating coleslaw with tinned tuna.

Jamie’s stuffing however takes 25 minutes minimum. Firstly a 10 minute soak in boiling water with a bit of butter mixed in, then either a) inserting it into a chicken or b) roasting in an ovenproof dish for 15-20 minutes. I went for option b. I was looking forward to trying this stuffing, I thought it is exactly the kind of thing that Jamie would do well.

The packet says “Wild sage, red onion and chestnut stuffing a classic with a twist”  I was fascinated to see what this mysterious “twist” would be. The stuffing came out with a crusty top, that gave way to a squelchy underneath. I got a forkful with a mix of crispy bits and soft bits, and waited for a flavour burst of sage, chestnut, onion and “twist”. It was a disappointment.  The twist was that the stuffing tasted mostly of salt. There was a hint of sage, I could see some little slices of chopped onion, but I couldn’t find anything that looked or tasted of chestnut. It was basically the stuffing equivalent of one of those white blocks you give a rabbit to lick.

Jamie your salt stuffing is not one of your finer moments, you should have left out the “twist” and stuck to the traditional.

Jamie Oliver Wild Sage, Red Onion and Chestnut Stuffing £1.59 for 110g


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2 Responses to Jamie Oliver Wild Sage, Red Onion and Chestnut Stuffing

  1. Jamie’s 25 Minute Readymeals?! Will definitely give this one a swerve!

    Gary over at Bigspud has managed to crack some of the Jamie recipe time limits though. Worth checking out: http://bigspud.co.uk/

  2. Melanie says:

    Yes -I have just tasted the stuffing and can’t eat it as all I taste is salt!

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