Marley’s Mellow Mood – Berry

I have been questioning the idea of blogging about a product endorsed by a guy who died 31 years ago. But when that guy is Bob Marley you just have to push on. I can’t help wondering what his contribution to fizzy drinks from beyond the grave will be like.

It is a little known fact that after music Bob’s big passion in life was fizzy drinks.  Before his death he had the worlds largest, private collection of vintage coca cola packaging*. It is tragic that Bob’s life was cut short. Imagine if he’d teamed up with Levi Roots, the world would be an incredible place.

No doubt the people who  made this product found a recipe for carbonated drinks tucked in the back of one of Bob’s old diaries along with some song lyrics. I’m sure they wouldn’t have just come up with a recipe all these years later and then put Bob’s name and face to it. That would not be right.

Marley Drink

The drink is billed as being a “natural relaxation” drink. Had I not plucked it off the shelf in Sainsbury’s this would ring alarm bells. It’s no secret that Bob was a fan of “natural relaxation”. I looked through the ingredients and listed was sugar, citric acid, vegetable juices, natural berry flavour and  “herbal extracts”. A bit lower down the list “herbal extracts” was explained – it was not marijuana. It was hops, rose hips, chamomile and lemon balm. Oh well. It sounds quite relaxing all the same, so time to have a drink.

It tastes like children’s medicine. It is also not very fizzy. If it has a flavour I would say it was bubblegum flavour, which isn’t really a flavour at all. It is supposed to be “Berry” flavoured, it is not. Most of all it is a mouthful of syrupy sugar, with a strong aftertaste of sugar. I am struggling to see how a can of this can be considered relaxing. I feel very tense drinking it as I can feel the roof of my mouth dissolving and the enamel on my teeth wearing away. I imagine this tension will shortly give way to a euphoric sugar rush. I don’t think I will feel relaxed or mellow at any point because of this drink.  Oh dear Bob. There is a citrus flavoured version too, perhaps that is better. I won’t be finding out.

Marley’s Mellow Mood – Berry 355ml £1.19


*Complete fabrication on my part

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1 Response to Marley’s Mellow Mood – Berry

  1. Louise says:

    Great tasty flavour, have they stopped making the berry flavour ?

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