Reggae Reggae Peanuts & Cashews

It’s Christmas and that’s the perfect time to eat nuts. Everyone loves nuts at Christmas. Well everyone apart from nut allergy sufferers, they’re much less keen on them, what with the threat of death or not being able to breathe. I love nuts at all times of year not just Christmas, I’m even willing to take my chances on wee covered ones in grimy pubs, I can’t help it. I see them. I eat them.

Reggae Reggae Nuts

However whilst nuts can be considered festive, there is nothing festive about Reggae Reggae things. They’re all summer and bright colours and sunshine. If you were asked to brainstorm what Reggae Reggae packaging conjures up, it would be a good few days before anyone said Christmas. All that being said when the packet has been torn open and you’re just looking at nuts in a dish branding is less important and it’s taste that counts.

The only thing that stops these nuts from being wonderful is the Reggae Reggae flavour. This is a big problem really as that is their USP. It is quite difficult to articulate why it’s a problem because they do taste of Reggae Reggae sauce and Reggae Reggae sauce is as we all know heavenly stuff. But it tastes of Reggae Reggae sauce that hasn’t been cooked through. A unique raw powderyness like eating spices straight from the jar. On the plus side the nuts themselves taste just like nuts; crunchy and creamy, there’s nothing untoward going on there. The heat afterwards is a bonus – it’s nice to have a bit of spice going on, but you can’t get away from the nasty moment when they first hit your tongue. In short the first couple of seconds of each nut is an odd experience, then it turns good. Not your best Levi, but not your worst either.

I shall finish off with some words of wisdom from the great man himself “nuff respect in every aspect keep the fire blazing! One love LR” which I think just about sums it up.

Reggae Reggae Peanuts & Cashews 90g £1.99


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