Reggae Reggae W’Rap’ Kit

Last week I reviewed a limited edition Reggae Reggae disaster. This week I am reviewing a hard to find Reggae Reggae product. At least – I assume it’s hard to find. I have never seen Reggae Reggae W’Rap Kits before, but when I was back at the town of my youth for Christmas I found a box lurking in B&M bargains.

W'Rap' Box

I grew up in a town called Ormskirk in Lancashire. Ormskirk has a proliferation of charity shops and a growing range of bargain shops. It used to have a great variety of places to shop and a great food market on Thursdays and Saturdays; nowadays it is a Mary Portas project waiting to happen, only they got turned down for that, so who knows what’s in store. It is named after a Viking called Orm who built a church (Kirk) hence Ormskirk. Incidentally Orm in Icelandic means worm, so you could call it Wormschurch, but that would be inaccurate and besides it has nothing to do with Levi Roots and Reggae Reggae W’Raps.

I have to say I was rather excited at the prospect of a Reggae Reggae W’Rrap’, even if the spelling and capital letters make no sense. It seems to make more sense than other Reggae Reggae products like curry and pizza and is filled with the potential to be a hit. But if there’s one thing this blog has taught me, it’s that you can’t predict the outcome of a Reggae Reggae product. Reggae Reggae products have the lowest score ever given on this blog and they are also joint highest, so it’s a leap into the dark.

I chopped the chicken, browned it for a few minutes, added some chopped peppers and onion and then sprinkled over the jerk seasoning. It looked colourful and tasty, a minute or so later in went the Reggae Reggae sauce, it cooked for a bit and they were ready to go.

Reggae Reggae W'Rap'

Wraps (sorry W’Raps’) it turns out are not one of Levi’s strongest creations. They’re not terrible, but lack a complexity of flavour that he sometimes gets just right. When you first bite into a W’Rap’ you get a gloopy sugary hit a bit like some sort of stange pudding gravy, then just when you think I’m not keen on this some Reggae Reggae heat bursts through to save the day. They’re fine, but I doubt Old El Paso are quaking in their boots at this new contender.

I don’t imagine there will ever be any consistency with Reggae Reggae products, but that’s part of the fun. I’ll keep trying them so you don’t have to!

Reggae Reggae W’Rap’ Kit £1.99 (from B&M Bargain)


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2 Responses to Reggae Reggae W’Rap’ Kit

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  2. OldLag says:

    What did we do before wraps (or w’raps’)? For most of human history we had sandwiches and then, from nowhere, wraps appeared, and now they are everywhere. Is it a plot? These sound particularly pointless, but again, good on you for travelling the road less trod.

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