Aldo Zilli Handmade Italian Sausage Pasta Parcels for Morrison’s M Kitchen

I have written before about Morrison’s M Kitchen products being the genesis of this blog. I saw some photos at a bus stop of celeb chefs advertising M Kitchen and my girlfriend suggested that celeb endorsed food would be a great idea for a blog and the rest is history. Since the big launch  Morrison’s have kept their celeb chefs pretty low key. Sure they have a little photo of said chef on the packaging, but they don’t wheel them out and parade them around at every given opportunity. I like that about Morrison’s. I suppose the flip side to that is that Pierre Koffman has better things to do than peddle beef bourguignon for a supermarket and he’s quite happy to just take a cut of the profits.

There has been little change in the line up of meals since they went on sale, it is still the same selection of Nigel Haworth’s Lancashire Hot Pot, Bryn Williams Shepherds Pie, Pierre Koffman’s Beef Bourguignon, Atul Kochhar’s Chicken Korma and Aldo Zilli’s Pizza Calabrese, but then Atul added a not so successful  Paneer and Vegetable Curry and Aldo made a disgusting Puttanesca Sauce to the range. Now there is a brand new addition – Aldo’s Sausage Pasta Parcels.

Not too long ago I used to eat tortellini every day for lunch, I can’t pretend I enjoyed it that much, but I was poor and for 65p a portion it proved an economical way to get full. These months of lunch monotony taught me a thing or two about just how horrid a pasta parcel can be. So I was not full of enthusiasm about Aldo’s version, especially with the memory of that puttanesca lingering.

Zilli Pasta Parcel

The instructions suggest boiling for 2 – 3 minutes, drizzling with olive oil and grating over some parmesan. This is exactly what I did, but I was filled with dread at the thought of the claggy mouthful heading my way. When I was dropping the pasta into the water I was worried as they were stuck together, this is a recipe for split parcels, leaky filling and waterlogged pasta another note of doom. This was to be my first substantial sustenance since recovery from a bout of norovirous and it was not looking good.

Zilli Pasta Cooked

My doom mongering was misplaced, these were some of the best supermarket pasta parcels I’ve had. The sausage was moist, spicy and bursting with flavour, unlike the dry pellets of dense grey a lesser parcel contains. The pasta was fine, there are better examples in the world but having said that it was as good as any other I have tried in a packet for this price. Rather than coating your mouth with claggy paste it was a light, almost refreshing mouthful. Even though they entered the water stuck together they came out perfectly separated and not a split parcel in sight. Well done Aldo!

Aldo Zilli Handmade Italian Sausage Pasta Parcels for Morrison’s M Kitchen £2.99 for 250g


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