Lawrence Dallaglio Italian Slow-Baked Tomatoes

This week has been a tough one. I left a company I have been working at for 12 years, I have been getting to grips with everything that goes with a new job, and I have ended up blogging about a food stuff I’m not really fussed about. I can only imagine how much sympathy you feel for me right now.

Last time I had a Lawrence Dallaglio product I was pleasantly surprised. He made a pasta sauce that had a big rugby player sized thwack of flavour, even though it lacked subtlety. It was better than many sauces in a jar, but there was still room for improvement. Then the other day in Waitrose I spied some slow-baked tomatoes in a jar and thought I should give them a go.

Dallaglio Tomatoes

I’m not a fussy eater, I’ve eaten pigs ears, spleen, glands and other bits of miscellaneous offal by the bucket load, but, when it comes to tomatoes I’ve always struggled a bit. I’ve got no problem using them as a base to a sauce or blitzed into a vinegary ketchup, but when folk get rhapsodic about cherry tomatoes on the vine, eat them whole and relish that burst of tomato gloop, I get a bit queasy. Also I’m not the greatest fan of antipasti; olives, oily tomatoes, gherkins etc etc blah blah blah just have me yearning for something a bit more substantial. So it was with some trepidation that I unscrewed the lid.

Dallaglio Tomatoes Served

I tried to conquer my natural gag reflex that kicks in when something too oily or too tomatoey is heading my way and took a bite. The first sensation was oiliness, next came a hit of sweet, sharp tomato and last of all a blast of chilli heat.The flavours are full on and give you a smack about the chops. Don’t buy them if you’re looking for subdued as you won’t find subdued in this jar. As I suspected I didn’t really like it, however I imagine if you’re the kind of person who is into oily tomatoes these would be right up your street. I’d hate my tomato prejudice get in the way of your delectation though, so give them a go and oil up your bouche.

Lawrence Dallaglio Italian Slow-Baked Tomatoes £2.99 for 285g

7/10 If you’re a normal tomato lover

3/10 If you’re me

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5 Responses to Lawrence Dallaglio Italian Slow-Baked Tomatoes

  1. marymary says:

    I like toms but have been oft disappointed. Never liked anything by sacla so I will pass on this. Btw I was looking at the Paul Newman range the other day. Maybe that’s worth a review.

    • I have thought about the Paul Newman things… but as he’s dead it somehow doesn’t seem right!

      • OldLag says:

        Paul Newman is dead?! OMG!

        But whether he is dead or not, he lives on in our hearts (like Jesus), and if his estate is happy to continue to earn revenue from products he endorsed, then why should these products not be subject to the Michelin Microwave endorsement scrutiny? I genuinely believe Paul is looking down on us and I know that this is what he would have wanted.

  2. OldLag says:

    Thanks marymary – I had not noticed this was a Sacla product. That it is a bit of a turn off if their pesto is anything to go by. Do we know anything about Mr Dallaglio’s input into this product? Did he bake a number or toms to get to this point of sale?

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