Katy Perry’s Kettle Corn Popchips

I think I have found one of the most bizarre celebrity food endorsements ever. Katy Perry and Popchips. For those people who are not as effortlessly cool as I am, Katy Perry is a songstress with a real talent for deep and meaningful lyrics. She sang the mesmerising words “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag / Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?”. Well Katy, I’m afraid I rarely feel like a plastic bag, but I do often feel hungry so when it comes to Popchips count me in.

Popchips for those who don’t know are a corn based snack, part crisp, part popcorn. They are really good and I’ve had an addiction to the BBQ flavoured ones for a while now.


Usually a celebrity endorsement attached to food does one of two of things. It is either based around a celebrity chef who is selling the brand of themselves and making a bit of money i.e. Heston and Jamie. Or you get someone like Harry Hill who has nothing to do with food putting his face to a product to help sell more of it. In Harry’s case the profit goes to charity but in other cases I reckon the cash goes straight to the celeb. I think with Katy it is the latter but the marketing tactics are a bit confusing.

There’s no pretence that Katy has any qualifications to create a food product, so they market the Popchips on the qualities that Katy and Popchips have in common.  The packet says “i’m not into phonies. good thing there are no fake colours or flavours in popchips. they only taste like they’re bad for you”. I think what that means is: Katy doesn’t like phony things, so if you like Katy, you should buy Popchips. Flawless logic really.

I had a look at the ingredients to see if it was true and they are listed as “whole grain corn, safflower oil, sunflower oil, sugar, salt, flavourings” It’s a reassuringly short list, with an unreassuringly vague word “flavourings” . What are these none phony flavourings Katy? That’s what I want to know.

On the packet Katy says “…I jumped at the chance to create my own flavour”. You’d think that a woman who has the emotional capacity to empathise with the feelings of plastic bags would be accustomed to thinking outside the box and would come up with a brilliant new flavour. She could have gone for anything under the sun, but what did she opt for – sweet and salty. Come on Katy! I’ve got nothing against a classic, but after Katy jumped at the chance to create a flavour, I’m surprised she came up with the most obvious one she could.

popchips bag

I opened the bag and shovelled in some Popchips. They had a lovely, cardboardy texture that is 70% crunch and 30% chew – it sounds like a bad thing, but it’s really not, they’re great. There is an issue with the flavour though, they’re supposed to be sweet and salty, but unfortunately they forgot the salt. They’re buttery and sweet and delicious, but there is only a hint of saltiness. I did enjoy Katy’s Popchips but not coming through on the salt just left me feeling like a plastic bag.

Katy Perry’s Kettle Corn Popchips £2 for 99g


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6 Responses to Katy Perry’s Kettle Corn Popchips

  1. OldLag says:

    I have been struggling for some weeks now to think of a response to this review, but I remain near speechless – this has to be one of the most bizarre celebrity endorsed food products ever. I do have one question though: the packed proclaims that Popchips are ‘never’ fried and ‘never’ baked (I don’t understand this use of ‘never’ – if you put one in the oven when you got the packet home then it would be baked, non?), so my question is, just how are they cooked then?

  2. OldLag says:

    ‘packet’ obviously…

  3. I hope one day you can lay your hands on one of these http://www.lightningdrink.com/

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