Heston from Waitrose Lemon and Earl Grey Panna Cottas

I have a rubbish memory. I really do. I’ve watched the same film three times and  only when someone  tells me that I’ve already seen it do I realise. People talk to me about conversations we allegedly had just a few days ago and all I can do is stare blankly back at them as they reassure me that I did agree to go to the boring stamp exhibition. The reason I bring this up is because I ate Heston’s Lemon and Earl Grey Panna Cotta about four weeks ago and have only just got round to writing about it. What follows is my brain’s best attempt at recapturing the moment I ingested the creamy goodness. So please take everything I say with a pinch of salt (I’m sure you usually do) and accept that if I say “it tasted grainy with only a hint of lemon” I could quite easily be confusing the panna cotta with an angel delight I ate in the late 90s. So without further ado, here comes the blog…

Panna CottaThe panna cottas come in the usual Heston black packaging there are two of them in little plastic pots and sat in the middle is a pot of lemon crumble balls. They look nice enough. I took out a spoon and plunged it in, the panna cotta was thick and creamy. It wasn’t your usual wobbly, set, gelatinous creation and I doubt if I’d tipped it out onto a plate that it would have held its shape. Instead it was more like a lemon posset. I like lemon possets but it’s a bit weird getting one when I was promised a panna cotta.

Once again Heston let me down by promising me Earl Grey and not delivering. It was hot cross bun gate all over again. Try as I might to get a hint of bergamot I could not, it was lemon all the way.

Panna Cotta 1

Looking at the picture I can see there was a layer of lemon curd on the bottom. I have no recollection of eating that, but I’m sure it was good. Bad memory aside I think I would have remembered the lemon curd if it was disgusting, which brings me neatly onto the lemon crumble.

The lemon crumble came in the form of little biscuity balls, these are a good idea in theory as a bit of crunchy texture should be a great contrast to the panna cottas. The problem is they tasted horrid. They were a weird texture, a bit like chewy chalk if you can imagine such a thing. They were very sweet and had a fake almost medicinal flavour to them, so if you decide to buy these panna cottas I’d forego the crumble and just smash up some digestives to go on top for all your textural needs.

In conclusion, the panna cottas taste nice if you like lemon possets and don’t care about Earl Grey in an Earl Grey flavoured product. If you want a different texture provide your own, and if you want a trustworthy source to tell you if these are any good or not, look elsewhere.

Heston from Waitrose Lemon and Earl Grey Panna Cottas £3.99 for 2

Somewhere between 1 and 10/10

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7 Responses to Heston from Waitrose Lemon and Earl Grey Panna Cottas

  1. OldLag says:

    Hmm – I think I may have a solution to two of your problems. For unclear reasons (possibly memory related) you think bergamot actually tastes of something else. For example, someone might have given you an avocado as a child and you have misremembered the word ‘avocado’ as ‘bergamot’. Therefore, you look in vain for the bergamot in HB’s dishes but don’t find it (because the flavour you are looking for is not in fact there), but what you don’t realize is that you actually dislike bergamot flavour and so you are in fact tasting it in the biscuity balls and declaring it to be horrid. Does that make sense?

    PS: I actually called in to B&M in Carlisle two weeks ago to look for new celebrity foodstuffs to recommend to you, but they only had the usual Ainsley shite.

    • That makes perfect sense! You’ve hit the nail on the head. Who knows what other flavours I have wrongly identified! And maybe I actually love raw tomatoes because they are in fact steak.

      Thank you for keeping your eyes peeled in B&M much appreciated. I do regret not getting that James Martin sticky toffee pudding you spied.

      In Ainsley news there is a new meal pack waiting in the wings – assort of 3in1 kit waiting to be tried. But as my girlfriend is point blank refusing to eating, I need to dedicate some time to the project.

  2. You are dead right about the texture. But I am staggered you forgot the lemon curd, this thing is like 1/4 curd. I could barely taste a hint of earl grey. The lemon crumble was like summat from a school dinner.

    Anyhow, awesome review as always. I ought to have guessed we hadn’t really beaten you to this one 😉


  3. marymary says:

    This reminded me of a panacotta I had at lake garda this summer. Except it was very nice.

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