Heston from Waitrose Syrup and Stout Streaky Bacon Rashers

The old saying goes “When you have nothing to say – say nothing.” but I’m wrestling with that notion as I have very little to say about this Heston bacon and yet I’m typing away. This could turn out to be a very brief review, but that’s no bad thing either, as Shakespeare famously said “Brevity is the soul of wit” and that statement has no greater place than in blog writing.


I’m not sure how long this particular flavour of bacon has been on the shelves, but it sits alongside tomato ketchup bacon and vanilla back bacon  in the range. The packet says “Beer and black treacle bacon is a traditional flavour combination, but I’ve substituted treacle for syrup and beer for stout” wow Heston you old daredevil you, what a far fetched exchange of flavours! The idea of bacon and syrup doesn’t sound that untraditional to me, in fact I can think of about 10 places off the top of my head that sell bacon and syrup and only one that sells treacle bacon, (my amazing local butcher Charlie at Flock&Herd – he’s won awards for the stuff) so make of that what you will.


I opened the packet and much like the vanilla bacon out came a waft, but this time it was a stouty waft, which reassured me that the headline ingredient was present. I fried up the slices and tucked in. It wasn’t great, but here are some of my notes:

Tastes like it was brined in soy sauce

The sweetness is odd

Texture of the bacon weird

Good thickness and good quality, and not pumped with water

I could weave all the above into some attempt at witty narrative, but I think it tells you all you need to know. So in honour of Shakespeare I’ll stop there.

Heston from Waitrose Syrup and Stout Streaky Bacon Rashers 200g £2.99


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2 Responses to Heston from Waitrose Syrup and Stout Streaky Bacon Rashers

  1. And the thing is these were my favourite of the three flavours! (Though in truth I never bought the ketchup one).

    I liked that they didn’t fill my grill pan with water and smegma like most cheap bacon usually does. But then any posh supermarket bacon avoids those probs and you don;t need to go all the way to Heston and Waitrose.

    I also liked the thicke, meaty rashers. But by my fourth one it felt like I was eating a bacon-ish flavoured leather belt.

    If you can get your hands on one of those Lychee Gateau things then don’t hesitate. It’s phenomenal.

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