Heston from Waitrose Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding

This is the last of my out of season Heston based Christmas blogs and I’m finishing up with a Christmas pudding. Heston now has three different Christmas puds in the Waitrose range; the original “Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding” which caused quite a stir on its release selling out everywhere and reaching £1000 on Ebay. Waitrose have increased supply since then, so much so that this year they were reducing the price pre Christmas and I bought one for £10 instead of £14. Secondly the “Hidden Chocolate Sauce Pudding” which was a new product for this year – this was the one I really wanted to try, because it sounds so horrible that I can’t quite believe it exists. In my book the last thing a Christmas pudding needs is extra richness especially in the form of claggy chocolate. I didn’t get to try it because if I’d taken that back for my family at Christmas I’d have been lynched for tampering with tradition and it was far too big for two of us to eat at home.  So it is pudding number three the “Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding” that I turn my attention to.

Clementine Pudding

Having already enjoyed and loved the hidden orange pudding I had a pretty good idea what I was letting myself in for with a hidden clementine version i.e the same thing but smaller, and that is what came to pass. So when I wrote of the orange version “It oozed juice onto the plate and the pudding looked incredibly moist.” the same thing applies. When I wrote “It was packed with fruit, had an excellent rich flavour and lovely chunky nuts.” the same thing applies. Similarly when I said ” Despite being rich and luxurious, it wasn’t an overwhelming stodge bomb” the same thing applies. However the important thing here is the difference between them and the biggest difference is in the ratio of candied fruit to pudding. The size of the orange version meant the balance was just right, but for this smaller version there was more clementine than pudding which is great if that’s your thing, but I want pudding to take the lead.

Clementine pudding inside

On flavour, taste and nuttiness this is just as good as the original and well worth getting if there’s only a couple of you, but you will need as great, if not greater enthusiasm for candied fruit as you do for Christmas pudding if you’re going to love it.

Heston from Waitrose Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding 227g for £3.50


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3 Responses to Heston from Waitrose Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding

  1. OldLag says:

    Surely putting ‘hidden’ in the name of these confections,and naming the object that is so hidden, rather defeats the point…

  2. I really like these.

    Our local Waitrose had them on offer, presumably due to over-supply, so we picked it up for under £3. Dirt cheap, high quality, and you can get away with one between four people if you’re a stingy host, or saving room for a slow graze of mince pies and cheese for the rest of the day.

    I’m with you o nthis one, if you like Christmas Pudding it’s well worth buying.

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