Heston from Waitrose Ginger and Acacia Honey Hot Cross Buns

This was going to be a blog about Karlie Kloss, super models, David Chang, cookies, New York, Momofuku Milk Bar, my friend Philippa and how my blog was now so cool I was reviewing international products. But owing to a cruel twist of fate and some unscrupulous dealings with the NatWest international fraud team I’ve bounced back to earth and resorted to Waitrose and Heston’s 2014 Easter offering.

You see Karlie Kloss current super model of the day has put her name to some cookies that are being sold at uber cool NYC hang out Momofuku Milk bar. They are donating some of the profits to charity and selling a tin of them for $22, which is obviously outrageous for a few biscuits, but too good an opportunity to miss when you write a blog obsessed with celebrity endorsed food products. So when I discovered that my friend Philippa was on a jaunt to New York I swiftly enlisted her help to buy me a tin. It was a perfect plan until NatWest cancelled Philippa’s card, seriously restricting her spending power and my ability to write about products currently sold on the other side of the Atlantic. I know how distraught you must be feeling right now  at this missed opportunity, but I’d ask you to put your woes to one side, be selfless for a moment and spare a thought for poor Philippa who found herself in the commercial capital of the planet without a dime to her name. It’s not all bad though because Heston comes a close second to Karlie Kloss and as it’s the first time since Christmas that I’ve visited his range he is due another review.

Ginger Hot Cross Bun

Heston had some hot cross buns last year flavoured with mandarin and Earl Grey tea that didn’t taste of Earl Grey or have any mandarin in them, so I was keeping my fingers crossed for a hit of honey and ginger in the ginger and acacia honey version that he has come up with this year. In my review last Easter I was complimentary about the generosity of plump fruit but a bit down on the actual bun. I don’t know if I was just being a miserable grump last Easter or if Heston has changed the recipe but this time around I loved his buns. The dough was soft and bouncy and had a good texture – very different to cheaper buns that you could squash and use for cladding. The ginger gave the bun a bit of spice but it wasn’t so overwhelming that it ruined all the other flavours, in fact it proved the perfect partner to the honey which was the more prominent flavour with it’s sticky sweetness. Again the fruit was generous and plentiful and if it weren’t for the fact they cost £1.69 for a pack of two I’d quite happily devour packets of them. So if you’re in the market for a superior hot cross bun then I think your search is over. Enjoy.

Toasted Hot Cross Bun

Heston from Waitrose Ginger and Acacia Honey Hot Cross Buns £1.69 for two


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