Jamie Oliver New Yorker Sandwich

Apart from war, famine, incurable disease and Maria Miller there is nothing in this life more depressing than a pre-packaged supermarket sandwich. They are the most soulless, uninspired, miserable thing that could be inflicted on a person at lunchtime. There are so many more interesting things you can spend your money on than a £3 meal deal, so why there is a market for rip off sandwiches in a box I will never know.

Jamie New Yorker Box

Rip offs in a box don’t get any more dramatic than Jamie Oliver’s range at Boots which is where I picked up his version of a “New Yorker” for £3.90. Yes you read that right, £3.90 for a pre-packaged, mass produced sandwich from Boots, it’s enough to make you want to jam your face into a Jamie Oliver blender. It’s not that I mind paying out for a decent sandwich; for instance at Anderson & Co just round the corner from my flat you will get the best sandwich you ever ate for £5. It features insanely good sourdough, thick cut ham, piccalilli and salad. It fulfills all your sandwich desires and if all prepacked sandwiches tasted like that, the world would be a glorious place. But unfortunately they don’t. They taste like chewy doormats with nasty fillings that you’d be ashamed to serve your cat.

Jamie Sandwich

With all that said you’re probably wondering if I enjoyed this Jamie Oliver sandwich, and the short answer is, surprisingly no. No I did not. It was crap. The dark wholemeal bread was dry, had an awful texture and tasted of floor underlay. The filling was pitiful, really, really embarrassing. If I had a salt beef sandwich in New York it would be approximately a foot tall and I would not be able to eat it without getting covered in slabs of beef that dropped out because the bread couldn’t contain them. Jamie turns all that on it’s head and offers  two thin slices that you can barely taste because it’s so salty and the gherkin with it’s vinegary sharpness overwhelms the lot. The whole thing ends with a blast of mustard that overtakes even the gherkin. If the salt beef was multiplied ten fold then the balance might be just about OK but as it stands this is a failure of epic proportions.

Jamie made a big deal about his trips round America and learning from the culture and absorbing the food heritage, then he comes back and produces this dross for the UK market. For his next series he should hand out a “New Yorker” to everyone he meets in NYC and explain to them that this is what he believes a good New York deli sandwich to be and then with the cameras rolling we can all watch as he’s laughed out of town.

So if you are in a position where the only thing you can get for lunch is a pre-packed sandwich, then whatever you do, don’t make it this one. It really is the bottom of the barrel and you deserve better. Even Maria Miller deserves better.

Jamie Oliver New Yorker Sandwich £3.90


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4 Responses to Jamie Oliver New Yorker Sandwich

  1. Old Lag says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again, there is something intrinsically wrong with Boots *the Chemist* selling food (I equally don’t trust the efficacy of pharmaceuticals purchased from supermarkets). It comes as no surprise therefore that this product is crap, though the fact it carries the gurning mockney’s stamp should be sufficient warning. I know what you mean about the sheer volume of meat in actual New York deli sandwiches – layer upon layer of beefy goodness.

  2. Bren says:

    Looks like it could be used as book-ends for at least a week without dying, by the look of the cardboard content, you are so funny, like that you have tasted floor underlay haha

  3. Brilliant as always!

    I’m torn. On the one hand when you try something outrageously bad we all get to enjoy a magnificently funny takedown, but on the other you have to suffer something as unpleasant as this sandwich.

    I don’t know of any country that revels in the pre-packaged sandwich as much as the UK seems to, and I have to confess I’ve eaten more myself than is decent or proper.

    Heston has a rival New York Salt Beef Sub Roll on sale at Waitrose. The filling quality is great but stingy, and the bread is like a bath sponge http://www.insearchofheston.com/2013/12/hestons-salt-beef-sub-roll-prawn-cocktail-bloomer-prepackaged-sandwiches-for-waitrose-product-review/

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