A sign of things to come…

I didn’t manage to blog this week due to life getting in the way. I have tried two products though, so I will write them up in due course. Instead I decided to write this little blog to share with you some of the pleasures you can expect to hear about in the coming weeks and also to make an apology.

A couple of months ago I tried some bread sauce from Corrie star turned cheese maker Sean Wilson. It was disgusting and if you want to read about it you can here. In that blog I complained that despite the bread sauce appearing in his “Signature Collection” there wasn’t actually a collection because it was the only product in it. I was wrong. I gave inaccurate information and for that I am sorry and I apologise Sean. I know this to be true because on my visit home for Easter I returned to B&M to see what delights lay in store and Sean has gone all out. Naturally I picked up one of everything, which means dear reader you can look forward to:

  • Sean Wilson Signature Collection Pancake Mixture
  • Sean Wilson Signature Collection Dumpling Mixture
  • Sean Wilson Signature Collection Strong Cheese Crisps
  • Sean Wilson Signature Collection Yorkshire Pudding Mixture
  • Sean Wilson Signature Collection Scouse (from a tin)
  • Sean Wilson Signature Collection Lancashire Sauce Crisps

IMG_0316Sean Wilson Signature Collection

I think we can all agree that the future of Michelin Microwave will be in safe hands whilst Sean keeps coming up with new exciting recipes. So watch this space.


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3 Responses to A sign of things to come…

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  2. julie says:

    I tried the strong cheese flavour crisps along with three of my collegues and we all disliked the taste.No cheese flavour at all just tasted very oily.they were bought from B&M in Hillsborough sheffield 6

  3. Bill. England says:

    Hi Sean, what fantastic crisps found in B&M., now September 2015 and for last 3 months or so can’t find in store anymore, help!, we need your crisps, we’re absolutely hooked.
    All the best,
    Bill & Ali.

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