Alan Brazil – Brazil’s Nuts

If there is one topic where my knowledge is shamefully inadequate it is sport, I have extremely limited interest in it and go through life blissfully unaware of what is going on in that arena. Sure I can get excited when the Olympics are on and can sit through a football match during the world cup and not be 100% bored, but generally speaking when sport of any kind is concerned my reaction is one of complete indifference and consequently I don’t know any facts or info about it, I don’t for instance know who the manager of the England football team is. The other day someone mentioned the world cup and I had to ask when it was happening and when I was back home last week I caught the end of a football match between Arsenal and Hull, I thought Arsenal seemed particularly giddy to have won the match and the disbelief and disappointment in my Dad’s eyes was palpable as he had to explain they had not only won a game but the FA Cup.

I’m not wearing my sporting ignorance as a badge of pride, but wanted to illustrate that when I found a packet of nuts with an endorsement from a chap called Alan Brazil it wasn’t immediately clear to me who he was. It didn’t take long for me to find out though as the packet was covered in a logo from Talk Sport, a digital radio station that Alan works for.  The packet also went on to give an abridged biography of Alan that says “Alan Brazil. Former Scottish International, Ipswich footballing legend, keen horse racing enthusiast and hugely-entertaining radio broadcaster for talkSPORT radio.” which is a cracking list of achievements to ensure he is qualified to sell nuts.

Brazil's Nuts Packet

I decided to go to his website and see what more I could find out about Alan and the answer is not much, but I did find this excellent quote:

“More nutritious than beef wellington, lobster thermidor or my favourite bottle of bubbly”

“That’s nuts”

“No – that’s Brazil’s Nuts”

Don’t be nuts – insist on Brazil’s Nuts.

Brazil's Nuts Ramekin

With a claim as bold as that it was only right that I got stuck in. There are two classic varieties of Brazil’s Nuts – dry roasted and original salted, I ate both and they were very nice. I can’t say I’d ever choose them over a beef wellington or lobster thermidor and I’ll take Alan’s word for it that the nutritional value of his nuts is greater than those haute cuisine classics but it isn’t an analogy I would have made myself. The nuts taste exactly as you’d hope they would – like nuts, the salty ones are salty and the dry roasted have that unique dry roasted flavour that I’ve never really understood, but they taste like all other dry roasted nuts I’ve eaten so Alan has got it bang on.

Alan Brazil – Brazil’s Nuts 29p for 50g from Home and Bargain


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2 Responses to Alan Brazil – Brazil’s Nuts

  1. Another excellent write up! I too have never really understood any type of sports (save the Olympics), especially football. Or, as they call it “the lovely game”.

    Home and Bargains seems to be a great treasure trove of celebrity endorsed food stuffs. Excellent hunting!

  2. It’s a toss up between Home & Bargain and B&M Bargain as to who provides the greatest yield – but they both put up a good fight.

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