Sean Wilson Signature Collection – Pancake Mix

My Sean Wilson adventure continues with his pancake mix and it is pretty hard to see what could go wrong with a product that is essentially flour and milk powder. I should get off my chest right now that I think pancake mix is the most pointless, idiotic product to exist in this world. If you are a person that sees it on the shelf and thinks “Oh wow – there’s a pancake mix, I should definitely get that in, because making pancakes without it is such a bind” then you are a person that should consider washing your face using a hand blender because you are an idiot. Pancakes require three ingredients – flour, milk and eggs and if you buy pancake mix you still have to provide an egg so there’s not much in it, except with a pancake mix you’re paying way, way over the odds for your flour.  It isn’t like you’re even buying batter – with a packet mix you still have to do all the whisking and you still have to measure out the liquid. So basically don’t buy pancake mix. Ever…. unless you happen to write a blog about food products that have a celebrities name on them and find a celebrity endorsed one, in which case it is perfectly acceptable.

Sean Wilson Pancake Mix

With that off my chest it is time to see what Sean had to say about pancakes and it is this “Pancakes are fun. Kids love pancakes ANY day of the week, spread with their favourite topping and devoured with great gusto!”. I can’t believe the marketing department let “devoured with great gusto” feature on a packet in the year 2014 it’s like marketing copy according to Enid Blyton. It continues with a pantoesque ask the audience style question, before an attempt at alluring food writing, moving into Butlin’s holiday camp type encouragement and ending on a Carry On style innuendo – it goes like this “But it’s not only the kids that like pancakes is it?” (panto section) “Either as a breakfast or a supper, spread with maple syrup and lemon or daubed with Creme Fraise and berry’s.” (alluring food writing section) “Whichever way you have them, make sure you have FUN.” (Butlins section) “Happy Tossing” (Carry On innuendo). Now even if we put aside the misplaced apostrophe and assuming  creme fraise is an alternative spelling to creme fraiche that is some pretty poor copy right there.

But all that being said nobody that was daft enough to buy pancake mix in the first place would ever bother to read the blurb so it is an irrelevance and it was time to make them and cook them. I whisked an egg and some water with the mix and stuck it in the fridge for half an hour before some frying and “Happy Tossing”. They looked just like any other pancakes which was a good sign so I served them up with a home made cherry compote and in the absence of “Creme Fraise” some yoghurt.

Pancake Cooked

The pancakes were a bit rubbery and had the texture of thin washing up sponges. They didn’t taste of much, but then pancakes aren’t meant to, they’re just a vehicle for the toppings and I think bland is better than them being overly sweet which was my concern.

I’m obviously not going to reccomend this product as it is a pancake mix and I’ve made my thoughts on that very clear but here’s the deal anyway….

Sean Wilson Signature Collection – Pancake Mix £0.39 for 128g


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5 Responses to Sean Wilson Signature Collection – Pancake Mix

  1. Our signature collections are hand-picked and customer-approved to provide the aroma adventure you deserve.

  2. loving the sean wilson blogs! Working my way through them, I thought he was just off corry!

    Love your comments on pre packed pancake mix, couldn’t agree more…just why?!…why?

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