Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Box

At Christmas Heston released a box of chocolates for Waitrose and they cost something daft like £20 a box and I thought to myself – I’ll never buy them. Christmas came and went and Easter approached and Heston came out with a mini box of chocolates that cost £5 and I thought to myself – I’ll never buy them. I mean why would I? £5 can get you a decent amount of Ferrero Rocher and what other chocolates do you need. Then one day my girlfriend came home with a box and said “I know you were never going to buy them, so I just went and got them for you.” which was very nice so I put them on a side table and they have sat there ever since until this week when I decided the moment was right to give them a go.

Heston choc box

The first thing to say is that Heston is taking the piss with these chocolates as the mini box costing five pounds has four chocolates in it. That is £1.25 a choc which I can stomach if it’s a William Curley chocolate but I can’t quite take from a supermarket shelf. Of course if the chocolates taste as good as William Curley ones I’ll forgive Heston, but looking at the extensive list of ingredients and the fact they have a four month shelf life I somehow doubt they will.

The box contains a macadamia praline, a mandarin caramel, a thyme and rosemary and a BFG (Black Forest Gateau) based on the dessert of the same name at the Fat Duck, and quite possibly the nicest dessert I’ve ever eaten. If you’ve got the time and fancy a fun read check out this blog for a home made attempt.

Heston chocs

The chocolates were no better than gussied up versions of Cadbury’s Roses. They were all waaaaaay too sweet and whilst the flavours might have been more interesting than your usual fare they didn’t taste much better. The macadamia praline was the biggest offender for sweetness, it had a white chocolate coating and whilst the nutty praline had the potential to be decent the sugar overload just got in the way. The mandarin caramel was an intense citrus blast that reminded me of my current 99p orange and tea tree shower gel but without the soapy bit. The BFG was like some nasty Christmas special choc that would normally have a name like “Kirsch Surprise” or “Cherry Explosion” that everyone would be keen to try, but once they had they’d be left at the bottom of the box with the strawberry creams. Finally the thyme and rosemary one was the best of the bunch, they weren’t stupidly sweet and whilst the herbs could have been more intense it was an interesting enough chocolate.

So if you’re the kind of person who is willing to spend £1.25 on a chocolate then do yourself a favour, avoid being ripped off by Heston and get yourself to William Curley to see what delights you can get for your money.

Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Box £4.99 for four chocolates.


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2 Responses to Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Box

  1. Phil says:

    Another brilliant post! Full marks to your girlfriend for making one this happen, too.

    When we got these before Christmas we got a little bit carried away, but I think you’re right that all are too sweet and that they’re really just a pricey alternative to Quality Street, rather than the 6-Star experience a lot of Waitrose’s recent press blurb hints at.

    Also, I can think of no finer nor more apt description for the the retail price of this product than the way you describe it, i.e. “taking the piss”. We got the Christmas box of 15 for summat like 9 or 10 quid on the introductory offer (Waitrose hinted at a free box but I forgot to go get it). Even at the introductory price the value for money wasn’t great.

    And now that you’ve recommended it we will definitely have to get ourselves to William Curley AND des Reves on our next London visit.

  2. This made me laugh! (your writing, not the terrible commercial offering) came across your blog because I’d just had a go at baking the BFC and at the start of your post I wondered if I should have saved myself the bother and bought the chocolates instead!

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