Estrella Inedit – Ferran Adria

A few weeks back I reached my tolerance level for eating horrid food stuffs created by celebrities. I was struggling to muster the enthusiasm to put fingers to keyboard and write enthusiastically, or indeed scathingly about them and consequently I haven’t published a new blog for some time…. But after a summer of eating at some decent eateries – Zucca, Coast in Saundersfoot, Jackson and Rye, Cafe Murano, Stax Diner, The Dairy and The Camberwell Arms if you’re interested, I have raised the bar in my eating expectations and am ready to have them dashed once more with a return to the ridiculous, the mundane and the downright disgusting. I have also spent that time stockpiling products ready to carry me through the next few weeks. There’s a couple of Jamie products, the ongoing horrors of the Sean Wilson Signature Collection, some sweets from a chump on Made in Chelsea and no less than two products from culinary mastermind Ferran Adria.

Adria Beer Bottle

I am picking up again with a beer as it seems to be the new thing to endorse. Not long ago I tried an ale from Professor Green, now Ferran Adria is getting involved and Rick Stein is in on the act but I haven’t tried his yet. If you read my Professor Green blog you will know that reviewing a beer is particularly tricky for me as I’ve been pretty much tee total for the past 17 years. Trying to impart knowledge as to the quality of a product I know next to nothing about is tricky, but then the majority of blogs are from people imparting knowledge about stuff they know next to nothing about so I’m in good company.

The label is surprisingly light on copy, it simply states “WHITE & LAGER BEER BLEND CREATED BY FERRAN ADRIA THE WORLD’S MOST AWARD-WINNING CHEF”. If you saw the bottle on the shelf and didn’t read the copy you wouldn’t know that Ferran was involved, but when you got to the till and were charged £5.95 it might give you a clue that this is something more than a can of Skol! To be fair there is 750mls of the stuff so we can forgive him the price tag.

Adria Beer

As the label suggests it’s a very light beer in both look and taste, the best description I can give is that in beery terms it is the opposite of Guinness. I asked Naomi (my girlfriend) to expand and all she could come up with was “It’s like Leffe – a bit fruity, slightly creamy you know. It’s alright, but I’d expect more from the greatest chef in the world.” so there you have it, that’s as much of a recommendation as you’ll get here.

Estrella Inedit – Ferran Adria £5.95 for 750ml




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2 Responses to Estrella Inedit – Ferran Adria

  1. sallyneville says:

    Chump is such a great word. X

  2. Old Lag says:

    I like Leffe, but I wouldn’t pay £5.95 for it

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