Apple and Elderflower Candy Kittens – Jamie Laing

It had to happen. It was only a matter of time. For the sake of the human race I am saddened. For the sake of this blog I couldn’t be happier. One of the cast of Made in Chelsea have stepped up to the plate and decided to spend their well deserved, hard earned cash on setting up a food business.  Jamie Laing (the blonde one with a posh accent if that helps) has set up Candy Kittens which the website describes thus “We’re a fashionable confectionary company that is truly young at heart. By combining fashion and confectionary we aim to challenge the dated traditions of the market, striving as we do, to make candy cool. We believe we’re bringing something that’s fresh and unique to your shelves. Sugar has never been put to better use.” You can make your own jokes.

The fashion area of the business includes things like a pink beanie hat with candy written on it, a top with Laing 13 to emphasise the ego of it’s creator and a t-shirt that comes complete with in built sexism saying “I’M A CANDY KITTEN”. The range of clothing is only for women so unfortunately I won’t be donning any of Jamie’s wares. I don’t think this an oversight though as one of the ideas behind the brand is that the people selling you the sweets are “his” Candy Kittens. Being a Candy Kitten means you get to wear a skinny tshirt and look sexy whilst you sell sweets, or if you’re particularly lucky you get to drive around in (and this is honestly true) the Candy Van and sell sweets on the streets of London. Watching the promo video of the candy van it looks like you are only allowed to buy the sweets if you’re female, but men can stand in the background and watch you do it.

Candy Kitten Bag

Anyway you aren’t reading this to hear me pass judgement on a business model you’re probably here to see if this new range of “candy”, not sweets – even though we’re in the UK are any good. Well the answer is that yes they are, I like them. The candy comes in four flavours Peaches and Cream, Eton Mess, Sour Watermelon and the flavour I have Apple and Elderflower. They are made with all natural ingredients, are gluten free and contain real fruit juice. They look a bit plasticky but the texture is excellent, it sits somewhere between the gummy one in a Haribo Starmix and a Percy Pig. Initially I thought the flavour was a little subdued but I’m now on my second sitting and eating them for breakfast on a Sunday and the tartness of the apple is punchy, you can still taste the elderflower and being candy they are of course very sweet.

Candy Kitten sweets

Surprisingly, in spite of being male, I enjoyed these creations and would like to give some of the other flavours a try – not the Eton Mess one though, that’s just wrong. If you can find them (my bag came from Topshop) or spot the candy van then let me know what you think.

Apple and Elderflower Candy Kittens – Jamie Laing £3 for 150g bag


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5 Responses to Apple and Elderflower Candy Kittens – Jamie Laing

  1. Kate says:

    I could be wrong but I think he is heir to the McVities empire so he does have some credentials for creating sweet treats! #MIC a shameful guilty pleasure!

  2. ginjointjen says:

    He also wants to branch out to the states. #MIC also my guilty pleasure…

  3. OldLag says:

    I see some of the clothing is already being flogged off for up to 50% off – maybe not such a great business plan after all.

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