Sean Wilson Signature Collection – Yorkshire Pudding Mixture

It’s a few months since I tried Sean Wilson’s pancake mix which was my previous encounter with the range. In that blog I made my thoughts on packet mix batter very clear and the same rules apply to Yorkshire Puddings as they do to pancakes, which is that they are all shades of wrong. Sean likes to go the extra mile though and not content with making stupid products he couples it with bad copy.


This is what Sean has to say about his Yorkshire Pudding Mixture “It’s not just this fab recipe that gives you the best Yorkshires. There are a few simple rules to follow when cooking, to make the ‘perfect’ Yorkshires. They should ALWAYS be made by an adult.”. Now putting aside the obvious cringe factor I wonder why Sean is so insistent that an adult has to be involved? Has there been some instances of 7 year olds ending up in A&E because Sean wasn’t specific about who should be using his mix, or is it just part of a greater concern Sean has for our wellbeing as evidenced in the next paragraph with phrases like:

“..until the fat is just smoking (be careful here).”

“Very carefully, with oven gloves on…”

“…place on a safe surface.”

“With your oven gloves on again…”

As we’ve already been told that only adults should be making the Yorkshires I would expect them not to pick up a scorching hot tin without oven gloves, or place it on an unsafe surface, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. At the end of the blurb he tries to justify all that safety advice by telling us “We want you to have FUN with your Yorkshires and impress your family and friends every time you use our traditional recipe and follow my instructions.”. So it seems it was all because he wanted us to have fun – which is nice. I do take issue with his use of the term “traditional” though as the ingredients list includes Calcium Carbonate and Iron Nicotinamide which are two ingredients I don’t think I would have ever found in my Granny’s traditional pantry.

Yorkshire batter

Anyway I’ve spent enough time examing the packet so it was time to give them a try. I whisked up the powder with 200ml of water and an egg, chilled the batter for a bit before pouring it into the preheated tin and cooking for 15 mins. They came out brown and puffy and looking delicious.

Sean Yorkshires

I was partnering these Yorkshires with a cote de boeuf that cost me £24 so they were in good company. Ironically after taking the beef out of the oven in its grill pan karma kicked in and I forgot to put oven gloves on and seared the skin off my fingers. Where was Sean and his sage advice when I needed him most?

I served up my dinner and got stuck into the Yorkshires. It pains me to say they were a pretty good version, sure they could have had a bit more seasoning but they were light and had just the right amount of chew and they would stand up pretty well against a home made version. I did not see that one coming.

I’ve only got a packet of dumpling mix and some cheese crisps to go before Sean and I stop meeting on these pages, but I feel like I can look forward with a little less dread in my heart.

Sean Wilson Signature Collection – Yorkshire Pudding Mixture 39p for 128g packet (B&M Bargain).


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