Jamie Oliver Telicherry Black Pepper

Before this post begins properly I warn you that it is the shortest blog I have ever written because I have very little to say. So here goes…

Jamie Oliver Telicherry Black Pepper is described on the packet as having “… a rich and fruity flavour. It’s often called the finest in the world. A little goes a long way!” so far so good. I popped off the lid and there was a nice fragrant peppery aroma that came out. I thought I was in for a treat but it tasted like any other pepper. The end.

Jamie Oliver Pepper

Jamie Oliver Telicherry Black Pepper £4.99 for 180g from TK Maxx (this is a real bargain – it is £2.50 for just 50g of the bog standard one in Sainsbury’s).



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3 Responses to Jamie Oliver Telicherry Black Pepper

  1. Alice says:

    Ah, but is the extra taste not also BROUT out in the knowledge that if you have such a giant pot of the stuff you will be able to season your food for a long time to come? We have had his chilli grinder for three years now, I hope it’s meant to last that long, it hasn’t gone down much.

  2. poor show jamie…poor show

  3. You can actually get the exact same fancypants peppercorns at Lidl in a tub about three times the size, although you don’t get the joy of looking at Jamie’s smiling face every time you season your dinner.

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