Heston from Waitrose Ultimate Chocolate Bar

A couple of weeks ago in my return to blogging I referenced Heston’s Ultimate Chocolate Bar as a product that Heston brought out for Christmas 2014. Quite often his Christmas products come and go in the space of a few weeks but this one seems to have stuck around and just before Easter there it was sat in the freezer section. It costs an almighty £10 which is really pushing the limits of a supermarket freezer pudding but as my sister, brother in law and nephew were coming to stay it felt like a good a time as any to splash out.

The Ultimate Chocolate Bar has already been reviewed by Heston afficionado In Search of Heston here and if you want to know what I think you could click that link as it pretty much sums up my thoughts, but as you’re already reading this I’ll push on.

Ultimate chocolate bar box

This pudding comes in a big gold box in the shape of a bar of gold, it’s all very fancy and luxurious. Heston describes the bar thus “Milk chocolate, crunchy biscuit, caramel, nougat – all the flavours of my favourite chocolate bars, magically transformed into a dessert.” which suits me. I slid the bar out of its box and was greeted by a very sleek looking glossy chocolate brick, if it wasn’t for the fact that I had knocked lumps of the coating off in transit it would have looked like some top notch patisserie. I took a sharp knife and sliced through and rather than the immaculately placed equal layers the picture on the box promised I was greeted with some uneven brown mousse sat on some uneven whitish mousse, sat on some brown biscuity stuff sat on more uneven brown mousse which was sat on some more brown and all this moussey brown was coated in the aforementioned glossy brown stuff. It was brown and moussey.

Chocolate bar slice

I took a spoonful and tasted the outer chocolate casing, however tasted might not be the right word as it had no discernible flavour just the texture of wet rubber. As I got deeper into the bar the flavour levels increased and I got a mix of chocolatey mousse, crispy biscuit, some cakey type stuff and more mousse. It was essentially a chocolate mousse with some extra bits coated in wet rubber. Heston claimed it contained “all the flavours of my favourite chocolate bars” but what I think he meant was “I’ve tried to make this taste of a Mars” because it did. The mousse was malty with a caramely hit and tasted very much like a mars bar.

Overall it was a very pleasant pud, it tasted good and looked quite a treat but it wasn’t anything special at all and certainly wasn’t worth £10. As In Search of Heston said in his blog you could find a version of this dessert in any supermarket and at a fraction of the price, so save yourself the expense of Waitrose head to Asda and look for choco mousse delight or something similar and you’ll probably have just as good an experience.

Heston from Waitrose Ultimate Chocolate Bar £10


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1 Response to Heston from Waitrose Ultimate Chocolate Bar

  1. Kind words indeed! I’m glad we weren’t the only ones underwhelmed by this dessert. Totally agree that it’s far from awful, just far more ordinary than you’d expect from the Heston brand. If they ever bring back the handbag cake it’s definitely worth a go.

    Great to see the reviews back up to the usual high standard!

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