Sour Blueberry Candy Kittens – Jamie Laing

Just over a year ago I wrote about the apple and elderflower flavour Candy Kittens sweets and in spite of myself  and the inherent sexism of the brand I was impressed, if you’re interested you can read that blog here. Now here we are one year on and Candy Kittens are still going strong and have released a few new flavours of which I am trying sour blueberry. As the packet clearly states “Blueberries aren’t just for muffins you know!”.

Candy Kittens Blueberry

Candy Kittens are the brain child of Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing and after what appears to be a roller coaster year for him are now doing very well. In December 2014 OK magazine reported that Candy Kittens had made a loss of £260,000 – which is roughly the cost of a cupboard under the stairs in Chelsea so probably a hit Jamie could take. But then just when things were looking bleak, Chelsea’s favourite newspaper the Telegraph reported that Jamie had struck a deal with Sainsbury’s to get his gummy creations stocked there – all was well with the world once more.

Other advancements in the past year include some additions to his online shop where you can now buy a Candy Kittens poster featuring Jamie sporting  garish lycra leggings and a naked torso on which is written I love candy in lipstick. Jamie is flanked by sexy “Candy Kittens” and they’re all holding silver balloons that spell out candy – yours for just £5. My bedroom wall is now complete. If a poster isn’t your  thing you can also buy gift cards up to £50 in value, branded pencils and a pink (of course it’s pink) notebook. There really is something for everyone.

Candy Kittens Face

But the thing it is really all about is the candy so how is that doing? Well to be honest it’s still pretty good. The sour blueberry flavour is sharp, but not sharp enough to force you to contort your face like a baby sucking a lemon, this is countered by the sugary coating. The texture is great and they are juicy so I don’t doubt the claim that they’re made from real fruit juice.  In a blind taste test I can’t guarantee that I would guess it was blueberry flavour but then it is a sweet and sweets never taste of the fruit they’re pretending to be. If you look at one from the back they’re quite cute and appealing and are shaped like the outline of a kitten, turn one around though and what is supposed to be a “CK” on the front is not clear and it looks more like Hello Kitty after an acid attack so they may want to rethink that.

Overall though I think Jamie has pulled it off once again. I’d happily try another flavour in the future and now they aren’t just in TopShop, Selfridges and online that’s going to be much easier.

Sour Blueberry Candy Kittens – Jamie Laing



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2 Responses to Sour Blueberry Candy Kittens – Jamie Laing

  1. old lag says:

    this is an inhumane picture of kittens being tortured – just look at those melted faces!

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