Jordi Cruz Mushroom, Truffle and Parmesan Corn Cakes

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you may remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about my trip to San Sebastian to try some of the worlds best cuisine. Whilst I was there I did not pass up the opportunity to seek out international celebrity chef endorsements and what I came up with was some corn crackers from Spanish chef Jordi Cruz.

You may never have heard of Jordi, but he holds the illustrious title of being the youngest chef in Spain and the second youngest chef in the world to have ever won a michelin star. Jordi was a mere 24 when this honour was bestowed upon him. He was pipped to the post of being youngest in the world by our very own Aiden Byrne who pulled it off at an impressive and as yet unbeaten 22. Unfortunately for Aiden he hasn’t managed to bag one in later life and his latest venture Manchester House crosses it’s fingers each year when the guide comes out.

Unlike Aiden, Jordi has gone onto to continued acclaim with michelin, winning stars at a variety of restaurants and currently holding 2 of them at the ABaC Restaurant and Hotel. But Jordi hasn’t stopped at michelin stars, he has taken the natural next step and created some corn cakes for a company called Bicentury. Bicentury it appears is a brand targeted at women. The headline on the English version of their site reads “THE FLAVOR TAKES CARE OF YOUR BODY Bicentury, for women who know how to take care of” which is both grammatically baffling and a cliff hanger of a sales pitch.

Jordi Cruz Packet

It’s no coincidence that this female aimed brand have recruited Jordi, he is quite the pretty boy and even at 37 he looks like a fresh faced, innocent young lad. He’s a bit like a Spanish Vernon Kay, but instead of sending sex texts to super models behind his wife’s back Jordi is helping women lose weight by creating corn crackers at 46 kcal a piece. He’s quite the modern man.

Jordi Cruz crackers

I opened the packet and despite Bicentury being very clear that Jordi had created corn crackers, I was expecting to find thick rice crackers inside, but no, they were thin pappadum like creations. I took a bite and they had a great crunchy texture, more like a crisp than its softer, chewier counterpart the rice cracker. There was a blast of truffle, an aromatic undertone from the parmesan and a lovely saltiness that sticks to your lips to keep the flavour coming when the cracker itself has gone. There was no discernible mushroom flavour (apart from truffle) but that was no loss as they were delicious. I was preparing myself to hate the corn cakes, I thought they would be bland, cardboardy and not worth bothering with, but I was wrong.

So often when a mass produced product is billed as being “healthy” it is at the expense of flavour, but not so with these creations – they were lovely in spite of being healthy. I found them very moreish and therein lies the problem with them as a healthy product – they might only be 46 Kcal each, but work your way through a full packet in one sitting and the health benefits soon start to wane.

My time in San Sebastian cemented Spain as the best place for culinary delights, the Pintxos were a dream, the prices were reasonable and even their celebrity endorsed products are up to scratch. Te amo España. Maite zaitut Espainia.

Jordi Cruz Mushroom, Truffle and Parmesan Corn Cakes



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