Heston From Waitrose Chocolate and Passion Fruit Popping Candy Bites

Christmas is behind us and New Year is but hours away and it is time for me to play blogging catch up on all the festive treats that I’ve consumed over the past two weeks. This time of year provides plenty of bounty from Heston as he goes to town with overpriced products on Waitrose shelves. Historically they have been a mixed bag of horrors and joys so you can never quite tell what lies in store. The first thing I tried this season were his chocolate and passion fruit popping candy tarts. I had some inclination how they would play out as my girlfriend had previously made a version of this recipe from scratch – the ingredients cost as much as a weekly food shop and it took three days to complete, but it was incredibly good and won a work baking competition, so this factory made version had a lot to live up to.

Popping Candy Bite Box


I took them out of the box and they were a bit bashed from transit with some of the chocolate topping being glued to the inside of the packet, this meant they didn’t look like the prettiest of things and were slightly deformed, however I remained undeterred and had a taste. They were good! The chocolate ganache was dark and incredibly rich, in fact it was verging on being too rich but then the very sharp passion fruit cut through to balance it out. The bites were the opposite of subtle – they were full on hits of flavour and were all the better for it. The popping candy came through at the end and was a fun addition, being popping candy it didn’t add any flavour but that’s not the point of it. Popping candy is the dining equivalent of having Adam Rickitt on Question time, there’s no substance, it causes little offence but it’s quite fun to have around. If I had one criticism of the bites it is that they needed an extra texture like a biscuit base, but maybe Heston can add them in next year. At £6.99 for eight they aren’t cheap, but it is Christmas and what better time of year is there for people to pay over the odds for food. Get them quick whilst the Christmas range is still in stock.

Heston From Waitrose Chocolate and Passion Fruit Popping Candy Bites £6.99 for Eight


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